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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 20

Sleeping with Grace became a regular occurance. As he an Grace started settling into a kind of relationship the worse happened.

By now, Chido had realised that Grace had stamina 4 that sort of thing. “They could go 4 hours without rest only 4 her to have a few minute break and start pestering him 4 more. She was this insatiable S£x freaky goddess. She knew how to grind her hips, knew how to suck. She was perfect” Chido thought.

The long awaited attack finally came to be. By now exams were at full blow, everyone we busy intensifying their exam moves.

Many of the the Final students had already almost completed their papers. Anaconda being in his final year and was expected to be one of the best graduation student his set was lazing about in his house since he had no exams when two mademen he knew where from a rival group came running to his house with the information that Ibinabo was seen sneaking back into the school last midnight.

Anaconda jumped to his feet and rallied his boys to him fast and set plans in motion to confront the feared hitman.

He came personally to Chido and the twins flat to recruit them.

When he came, Chido was buried deeped into Grace’s Kittykat, 4king her hard and she was screaming her life away as a loud bang sounded repeatedly on their door.

Chido hadened seen Grace 2 days because of exams. She had hoped to be going for her exams from his house but he refused cos he know she would be a big distraction to him. Anyway, as he had marathon exams the last few days he didnt have time to play around or to see her so he just concentrated on his stuff and hoped she was fine.

Well it seemed that she was cos she kept sending him updates on her situation and always telling him how she missed his JT.

She had sent him an sms telling him she would go mad if he didnt 4k her soon so as Chido didnt have any exams near since he wrote his last paper that day, he invited her over and informed her she could sleep over if she wanted.

She came that night with a carry over and the smallest skimpiest tank top and skirt he has ever seen. They initially hoped to go for dinner but didnt make it past the door after she walked into his room.

He 4ked her all night then they ate fruity flakes rested alittle and then resumed from where they stopped. It was on the second round after they had resumed that the loud knock sounded on their door.

The knock didnt dissuade Chido from his continous thrusting. He was hitting Grace from behind this time “doggy” with his right hand playing with on her clits and this left hand holding both her arms high behind her back.

The posture caused Grace to arch her back painfully to one side with her Buttocks jutting backwards giving Chido all the assess he required to make a kill.

It was this kill he was trying to make as the knocked sounded so he wasnt even interest in who was knocking until one of the twins poked his head into his room, gave Grace a lewd smile and Chido an envious one and told him it was urgent. That Anaconda himself was here and had ordered them out.

A disappointed Grace had to make do with not cuming but a kiss from Chido as he got dressed fast and made his way to follow his comrads to uncentainty.

As they stepped out in the dusk, cold breeze blew making Chido shiver but he had to act like he belonged, as if he was a man.

He held his luga and prayed he didnt have to use it. The twins on either sides of Chido were tense and Chido knew they never talked when they were nervous. There was an air of disdeed, discomfort, premonition, uncertainty. It was palpable………

As they arrived at the place their intel informed them Ibinabo was. They bursted into the rroom and harrassed the boys there. They started beating the boys with slaps and kicks threatening to shot them if they didnt reveal where Ibinabo was.

As the boys refused to talk they bundled them and marched them ourside the house. Where they were still there, the received new information that Ibinabo was hiding in another place about 10 minutea walk away so Anaconda ordered some boys to stay and continue with the boys been terrorized, while he asked others to come with him of which Chido was one of em.

Among the boys being asked to stay were the twins and since the information they got said Ibinabo was alone hiding out Anaconda felt a smaller group would be appropriate.

On their way there, things happened a little too fast, just like in a nollywood slow motion movie.

One minute they were on their way, walking down talking when suddenly a loud sound was heard like the clip of a bullet. CLAP!!!!!!!! which was followed by a read widening patch on the chest of one of the boys, the one closest to Chido.

As the boy fell forward, more gunshots started sounding from all direction and bodies were falling everywhere………………….It was massacre!!!!!!

That was the first day Chido died.

He felt hot searing pain enter his body and as he fell backwards from the pain he saw Anaconda’s face explode into many parts.

As the shots died down, the attackers came out of their hiding and started making their was to where the boys they had gunned down had fallen. One of the boys that was shot was still moving and they opened more fire on him execution style.

As they were still checking on the other boys counter gunshots started ringing from the other boys anaconda had left behind who had heard the gunshots and has hurried to investigate.

Two boys from Ibinobo’s side were gunned down b4 the rest escaped into the bushes.

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