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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 21

By the time they got there, Ibinabo and his agents in crime had made away.

The two boys that were gunned down lay still as their life’s blood slowly drained from them.

That was when the boys noticed their fallen comrads and David the smaller of the twins busted out in tears as a wail escaped his throat on seeing Chido lying face down covered with blood.

None of their fallen comrades were moving. Anaconda had only half of his face, the other half could not be found. All in all their group had lost 6 boys or so it seems.

Just then Python landed with his team of 8 boys and he took charge of the situation immediately. He ordered the boys be quickly searched and any identities be removed from them.

As they were quickly doing the search David noticed slight movement from the corner of his eyes and as he turned to see what that was. He heard Chido call his name. The sound was too faint but her heard it all the same.

He was at Chido’s side at a flash and he called on the rest 4 help. The boys lifted Chido out and placed his gently on grass nearby as Python came to them and started assessing Chido’s wound.

One bullet had cleanly passed thru his shoulder blade and another was lodged on his Hip bone. He was bleeding profusely but all in all was fine. Due to the heavy bleeding he was also getting tired fast and Python knew he wont make it if they wasted anymore time so he ordered the twins to rush Chido to the hospital they normally used.

As the twins speed of with Chido in-tow, Python ordered the order boys to comb the bushes. He told the b4 the left “we have lost comrads but this act will not go unpunished. If Ibinabo is still in this school, find him. We will find him and waste him”.

The boys set out then as Python took out his handset and started calling in other groups for help. He started calling in favours that was owed to him. He intended to make the school hot b4 Ibinabo had enof time to escape their school. The trap had sprung and he Python was still alive but Anaconda was no more. There will be retaliation, cos Python knew once Black mamba returns he would 

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