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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 22

The Boys combed the whole school for Ibinabo. They were at it till early hours of the morning.As the were still combing the school grounds a call came from David with information about a possible place Ibimabo could be.

Python rallied boys immediately and they converged there in seconds.

One second, a group of boys were drinking and making noise another second Python walks in fully loaded with cutlass and guns. The next second the boys drinking were flying thru the window in attempts 2 run 4 their dear lives cos they saw the look of death on Python’s eyes and had already heard that anaconda had been killed.

They caught a few boys who were unlucky and beat the hell outta them asking all the time where Ibinabo was. One boy tried to run and they shot him in the leg so the rest didnt try running. They beat the boys black and blue and left them lying in pools of their own blood, they didnt kill an of em though.

It was as if Ibinabo had vanished into thin air. He was no where to be seen and neither were the family that had helped him carry the hit.

Python didnt relent. He kept at it till his boys complained of tiredness.

By 5 am the next morning they broke off the search cos it was getting obvious that Ibinabo had quietly sneeked out just as he had sneaked in. Then Python placed the call he had been relunctant to place he called Black mamba to inform him on the situation.


Now as the twins rushed out of the scene on their way to the hospital, they passed a joint which was still open that late in the night. Standing at the gate, was Loko one of the strongmen of a rival family that was thought be be behind the attack on Anaconda.

David immediately foned Python and gave the information as Daniel his brother speed down the road to the hospital.

On arriving the hospital they called Grace to inform her what had hapened and asked her to bring some money along. She was there in seconds.

The Doctor took one look at Chido and rushed him to the emergency.

He came out 10 mins later to announce that Chido would require 2 Units of blood urgently and asked them to Deposit 50k b4 he starts anything. Grace paid immediately and they were asked to wait again.

This time the doctor was away for 2 hours b4 he came out again and told them Chido was sleeping and that they could go to see him.

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