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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 24

By the time Grace walked into the room where Chido was, he was siting up on the bed with an expression on his face.

She answered him as if telepathic “U are in my home, in my parents house”. He tried to move but winced in pain and she was there by his side in seconds trying to push him back to bed.

In the attempt to push him back with him struggling to sit up her arm pushed into his bandages and he screamed in pain.

She was full of appologies immediately saying “Oh! baby am so sorry. Sorry, sorry but he wasnt listening as he tried further to sit up and suddenly it seemed just too much 4 him cos he fell back on the bed gasping.

Grace gently pushed him back on the bed, her hands on his chest as she said “U really are very stubborn, try not to move pls”.

As she made to leave his hands seized hers and though she saw how weak he was but the vice of his grip belied how tired he looked and the next second his eyes rolled back into his head and he fainted back into an exhausted sleep.

Grace felt tired too so she went directly to her room, hoping to get some sleep but her cousin Selene bursted into her room.

“Grace! what did I hear happened in ur school? Who is the guy they said u brought back? I heard he is very handsome. How come he was shot? Is he ur boyfriend? What happened?

But Grace bundled her back out of her room and slammed the door behind her the same way she had flown in uninvited.

The next morning Chido was placed in the hands of the family doctor who came personally at the request of Grace’s mom. They spent the whole day with Chido leaving no room for anyother person. By the time they left, they left behind a nurse to watch over him.

That night Grace couldnt sleep, her thoughts kept wondering back to Chido. She knew she had to see him even though he would be too tired but the place he was housed was placed out of bound by the family doctor so Grace had to exercise patience.

The second day the need to see him had grown irresistible so she waited till midnight and then she sneaked out of her bedroom and made her way quietly under the shade of trees to his room. Climbed the tree by his window and slipped into his room.

As she slipped in she saw his profile as he lay so quietly breathing evenly as if asleep. She had this irresistible urge to kiss him. They hadnt 4ked 4 days and she missed it so bad.

She walked over to where he lay, sat down by his bed, lifted the cover and placed her hand on his stomach then her hands moved down to his JT which surprisingly was hard and very hot she felt him twitching under her hands.

She suddenly began feeling hot so she kissed him and was startled as she raised her face to see his eyes fully open, a sardonic smile playing on his face.

She blushed when he said “I was wondering when u would come visiting. I didnt know the first time u’d come visiting u would be feeling my JT. Is that all u think about?”.

She shrugged up and said testily “no”. He answered her “really, I bet if I touch ur Kittykat u would be soaking wet” and she replied him “how do u know that?” and he answered her “cos any girl I 4k always return 4 more”.

Grace sighed as she sat on the bed by his side and said “I just came to see u nothing more” but Chido replied “liar” by now she was geting angry so she told him go to hell and as she made to get up he caught her arm and dragged her onto him.

B4 she could say jack robinson he hands had snaked down her panties and into her Kittykat and she was all but moaning her head out, till Chido whispered “I told u, u are already fountain wet”.

That comment got Grace the wrong side cos she freaked out and started insulting him and as he tried to drag her back she hit him and he screamed 4rm pain as they both toppled from the bed to the floor. She lying face up and he face down on her.

Chido didnt wait another moment any longer. He was at her in seconds and she 4got her anger. As he had her she moaned and moaned. They didnt know they had an audience…..

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