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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 25

Chido needed to let out. He was frustrated.

The truth was that he was going crazy with frustration. His thoughts were on S£x plain and unadulterated S£x.

He hadn’t seen Grace in a while. He hadn’t smelt her intoxicating scent or her perfume neither had he smelt her Kittykat in days.

He knew he liked Grace a lot and wanted her but he also knew he wasnt tied to her.

He had seen her only briefly a few times but was either too tired to speak with her or too drugged with sedative that he couldn’t think straight.

His JT needed attention and he had been hard 4 days but no where to let out his pent up emotions, he felt like he would explode or implode on himself.

He was so pent up that he thought about doing himself but he hadn’t done that yet. He was no expect in that field like the twins who sometime compete on who cums first.

To make matters worse, Grace’s family doctors appeared from nowhere and forbade anyone from trying to see him.

They woke him up that morning. He was still fagged out so they placed him on lots of fluid and infusion and by night fall that day he started getting his strength back.

Then they made matters worse by leaving behind one micro mini skirt wearing smiling black beauty who identified herself as nurse Funmi.

This action alone was a catastrophe cos u don’t leave cassava to a hungry goat and expect to find it when ur return neither do u expect a hungry wolf to see u and be smiling with frienship.

Chido only had to take one look at nurse Funmi’s full heavy Bosom struggling with her tight nurses uniform and her heavy hips tightly suffocating under her clothes and his life was never the same again. She had this dark chocolate complexion and had an hourglass kind of figure.

In contrast to Grace who was chubby she was skinny with heavy Buttocks and Bosom.

He was hard and stayed very hard for hours much to his discomfort to the extend even nurse Funmi herself noticed when she came to tuck him in.

He knew immediately that this nurse was a very bad girl cos she just smiled and told him not to get embarrassed, in her own words “I have that effect on most men”.

That comment of hers was too callous 4 Chido that he made a mental note to blast her b4 she was done with her duties of caring 4 his wounds.

Nurse funmi kept the torment on. She probably didn’t do it intentionally but she had this sluggish lazy walk that made u thing of S£x when u saw her.

She wasn’t beautiful but all things about her oozed of S£x. She even smelt of S£x.

She loved tucking Chido in and the two days she was there so far. She enjoyed running her hands over the bed sheet as things would have it directly over that location where chido’s JT was so she could measure how arosed she made him.

The first day it had made Chido uncomfortable but after he had made his mind up that he was going to 4k her which took him just 30 seconds to decide, he just smiled at her the next day she did that.

He thought of what Grace would say if she caught him 4king nurse Funmi. He knew she would be mad but he knew he had to have that nurse even if it meant burying his meat just once in her Kittykat.

Chido started strategizing……

This was what Grace walked into that night she stole into Chido sick room. It was also one of the reason Chido was already hard when Grace slipped her hands into his PJ.

It was also the reason Chido was crossed with her not cos she was at fault cos she wasn’t but cos his frustration was getting the better of him.

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