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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 27

The wake after a Tsunami.

It was all black………………………………………

……..and then Chido came to himself gasping 4 breathe.

When he woke up, he realized he was lying on his bed but he didnt remember how he got there. He remembered Grace riding him and his JT responded by getting so hard he was outa breathe from just the feeling of it.

He remebered he had felt pain on his chest and on his thighs as he had come but he didnt remember anyother thing.

He lay on his bed exasperated, trying to regularize his breathing but his heart was beating so fast as if he had run a marathon. He felt so weak and faint and was slowly loosing consciousness again.

He was too tired to fight it so he let the cold hands of unconsciousness guide him to uncentainty without thoughts of waking.


He was slowly aware of a presence in his room and hands touching him.

He kept his eyes closed and didnt stire or move as the hands touching him travelled up and down his body, rested briefly over his crotch and then proceeded to his injuries.

After his bandages had be inspected and changes the hands travelled back over his crotch but this time didnt only linger but also felt what package was lying underneath.

As his breathing became labored he heard nurse Fumni say “Mr. Chido pls open ur eyes. I know u have been awake for sometime now”.

Chido slowly opened his eyes trying to fein sleep but the smirk on her face discouraged him so he asked instead “how long have u been here?” and she replied “long enof to know when u woke up”.

Then she continued angrily “what were u and that spoilt brat of Amassador Kolawole-Ayele doing yesterday? Are u both mad? Do u both know u could have had a cardiac arrest yesterday?”

Chido wasnt following and as a confused expression played on his face and he only was able to mutter “what are u saying,…… do u ……?” that expression seem to taunt nurse Fumni cos her face turned dark with rage and she continued as if Chido had not tried to interrupt her “Couldnt u both wait a few days atleast till u are better 2 Bleep ur brains out.

Realisation then dawned on Chido as he said “U,………….u were the one watching us 4k yesterday. Werent u?

Nurse Fumni answered “Yes, I saw u people having S£x”. Dont u know u could have killed urself? Gosh!

That Grace wanted to 4k u to death. Even after u fainted she kept bleeping u 4 atleast 5 more mins b4 she too came. I say she wanted to kill u.

Chido asked, but how did u know she was in my room? No one saw her come.

Nurse Fumni continued “I knew she was trouble the first time I saw her. Always walking with body Guards everywhere she goes. I knew she is a spoilt brat. Look, as ur nurse who is taking care of u. I dont want her coming back here to make my patient relapse”.

She continued evilly “I suggest u tell her to give u gap and space 4 the time being till u get better or else I will report to my boss who will inturn tell her parents and she will be in trouble. Just tell her to stay away as from now. I dont need someone like her to come and 4k my patient to death”.

Chido didnt really understand what her anger was or why she was so mad but he remained calm and told her “ok, I dont want u telling her parent. I doubt she will get in trouble 4 that but it will probably get me in trouble with her parent but I have heard u. I will tell her to stay away 4 sometime”.

Nurse Fumni replied “thats good to hear”.

Chido then asked her but u havent told me how u caught us” but fumni replied “its not impt”.

But Chido replied “if u dont tell me how u caught us. I will not tell her to stay away”.

Nurse Fumni looked at Chido with an evil expression on her face then she relented and began talking.

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