[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 28

Nurse Fumni looked at Chido with an evil expression on her face then she relented and began talking.

“I have always suspected that ur girlfriend was trouble. I know her kind with their parents money. I had seen the way she tried to badge in on us while u were unconscius” Nurse Fumni started.

“So I decided to keep special watch just in case. I didnt want her putting u into any form of danger in her selfishness” Nurse Fumni continued.

“So yesterday I caught u guys. I hadn’t seen her all day. I suspected cos this place was kept out of bound by the rest of the household to give u time to recover. I was thinking about calling it a night earlier that I usually would cos I had gotten used to being awake till late these last 2 days just so I could make sure no one bothers u “nurse fumni was saying.

She pursed for effect looking into Chido’s eyes as she continued “Just as I was making 4 bed, I heard rustle on my window which got me curious. I didnt go to investigate till I heard someone outside ur window curse and as I slowly walked close to my window. I realised someone was using the tree that stood very close to the house and between both our windows as a form of support or ladder to climb up into ur room which by the way was directly next to mine”.

She continued “I suspected it would be a good idea to choose the room next to urs so it would be easier to manage u incase I had to. I am glad I took that room”.

“I was initially alarmed and scared cos I thought it was a thief then I reminded myself were I was so I decided to investigate so I walked over to ur door and placed my head on it”, she said.

And she continued “initially nothing 4 a while but when I heard a thumb on the floor as if something fell and heard u scream out, I opened the door quietly expecting to see u people fighting or so only to see ur lips clued to ur Bosom”.

“In no time u were doing things to her and she was screaming and then she started riding u and continued for the next 5 mins after u had fainted”.

“I was tempted to go and drag her away from u cos she was obviously killing u but I could move so I waited till she had Pour. After she had Pour that was when she realised that u were unconscious again and she started panicking so I walked in and helped her put u back to bed. I checked ur vital signs, saw u just fainted so I told her to go that I would take care of u”.

“After she left, I cleaned u up and tucked u back into bed”.

“I returned twice in the night to check on u and then this morning redressed ur wounds cos they started bleeding again” she finished talking.

Chido couldnt find what to say so he just said “thanx”.

Nurse Fumni continued “Pls, she can come visiting but tell her to give u space, some gap atleast until u recover,………..hmm”.

Chido just nodded like a little boy with his eyes boring holess in nurse Fumni’s large Buttocks as she turned around shaking them massive butt as she walked away.

As she left she continued “let me get something for u to eat from the kitchen cos they will do u more good than these infusions u have been on these past two days”.

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