[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 31

Then again, his bandages would be soaked so they would have to be changed. He would try a more direct approach then, he told himself.

Chido showered slowly thinking all the while what next to do, how next he was going to act, reminiscing how heavy and wobbly nurse Fumni’s Buttocks looked Chido’s JT became fully glorious in silent adoration of the god of lust and fornication.

His JT was hard, throbbing and painful. Chido knew he couldnt walk out of the bathroom with a hard-on so he tried to relax and stop thinking about S£x but couldnt accomplish that feat.

By now he had finished showering and was slowly drying himself but his JT remained hard. He signed and knew there was no other way around it. He would have to harrass nurse Fumni again with his hard-on, he told himself.

A part of him whirled with glee at the thought of it but this only worsened his present condition cos his slowly relaxing JT became hard again. Chido signed then and called for nurse Fumni, telling her he was done bathing.

As she slowly opened the door, he consciously slightly turned away 4rm her so that his hard JT would not be immediately visible to her gaze.

That action worked wonders cos nurse Fumni opened the door, saw he was still Unclad, hesitated a few seconds then walked in asking him why he hadened bordered to tie his towel around his waist.

When he didnt reply, she frowned worriedly asking him “Are u in too much pain”? To wish he replied “yes a lot”.

Then nurse Fumni made the mistake to innocently ask as she slowly touched his arm turning him around to face him with her eyes on his face, in her attempt to find out if his injuries where what was causing him pain “Where do u have pain, it it at ur side or ur thigh”?

Chido lips curved to one side as he said “I have pains here” taking her hands to show her where he had pains but only at the last minute redirecting her hands to his already massively hard, reddened and throbbing JT.

As her hands covered his very hard JT, all the colour drained from her face and as she slowly came to realisation that she had his JT in her hands she blushed deeply purple which was not easy to identify on a skin of a very dark girl but was obvious to see in nurse Fumni’s case.

As nurse Fumni quickly pulled her hands back and attempted to run 4 her life Chido moved surprisingly fast for a guy that had lost a lot of blood and things happened in slow motion just like in a very poorly edited nollywood movie.

One moment nurse Fumni was blushing and trying to pull her hands off. The next mooment she was trying to run 4 her life on her heels. The 2nd moment Chido was moving catching her shoulder and turning her around. The next moment his hands where on her Buttocks, booobs, body, hips thighs.

Nurse Fumni didnt fight but just stood rigid like a stone statue but her lips responded to his, initially slowly then with fierce abandon and just as Chido was getting into it his body told him no.

He felt a sharp pain on his side which got him breathless as he slumped on the bathroom floor, breathing hard.

Nurse Fumni reacted fast and helped him to the bed. When they arrived at the bed she said “U see, u are still not strong enof 4 fast movements like that”.

Chido looked down at his JT and noticed it had gone flaccid.

Nurse fumni followed his gaze blushed and looked away. She hurried away telling him “let me get things to redress ur wound cos I dont want it getting wet”.

As she hurried away Chido settled himself on the bed and tired to relax.

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