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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 34

Python dropped the fone after speaking to the twins, he had lost interest in what he was doing so he pushed the girl riding him away and got outa the bed.

It was raining cats and dogs and the weather outside was synonymous to his mood, thought Python.

As he lit a cigarette Susan hissed like a rattle snake and said “see how u just pushed me away. U didnt even allow me finish”.

But Python didnt answer. He just walked to the balcony smoking his cigarette. He was worried cos his team where dispersed and he had to organize them into a group again. He had to bring the whole team together again b4 black mamba returns cos there would be hell to pay once school resumes.

As his thought drifted he remembered how he had organised the boys, divided then into groups after the twins had taken Chido away. He remembered how he had made them search the whole school, maiming and beating up students and boys of rival family groups till dawn and when they didnt get answers. He had ordered an organized retreat.

He remembered how he had ordered the boys to go in twos the next morning and how he had liaised with other families friendly to his to make their school so hot that day that the school authorities had no other choice but to temporarily close down the school indefinitely.

He had then organized the remaining boys of his family and they all traveled out of school to neutral grounds on the order that he would call then to inform them where they would regroup.

Python was still lost in thought when a loud knock sounded on his door.

He walked fast and opened the door to see a very wet Black mamba standing outside the rain.

Before he could open his mouth to speak a bone wrenching blow was heard, Booooooooooom!!!!!!!!! and Python seem to sail in the air as if carried on strings and connected with the other end of the wall in a sickening thud.

The blow left him breathless for a second or two but the sound of the blow scared the hell outa his girlfriend Susan as she screamed and screamed and didnt stop screaming till black mamba looked her in the face and said quietly “shut up”.

She shut up immediately and didnt speak again.

Black mamba walked into the room with four of his pals, all capones of different families.

They all sat down near where Python lay as black mamba asked him “I left u boys in command and they killed Anaconda”.

“Tell him what happened”, black mamba continued.

Python took his time to recount the whole event and when he was done he told black mamba about the rendezvous in Abuja in a few weeks time.

This brought a smile to black mambas face and he said “Uni Abuja, a very neutral territory. I know some very good contacts there. Good, nice thinking on ur part Python. Besides it will be nice to go back to my town for a change. Ok! We all met in Abuja in 2 weeks, we can regroup there”.

He stood up then, flexed his hands and walked out of the open door as the guys with him followed him out and they closed the door behind them.

Python got to his feet with a smile on his face as he said “na wah ooh, black mamba’s punch is still very strong”.

He noticed he was honey again and his JT was slowly getting hard. Dangers, injuries and events like this always made him honey. He walks over to Susan where she sat only wearing a towel round her and doing her nails before she went to shower.

When she looked up at him he told her “come lets finished what we were doing” but she replied “u are not serious jor, I am no more in the mood”, but he didnt listen to her.

He just grabbed her, tore her towel away from her to expose her Unclad body and delved his face between her cleavages while seriously fingering her Kittykat.

The next moment he was ramming her doggy in her dry Kittykat which quickly got wet as his thrusting increased in pace.

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