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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 36

Nurse Fumni was lost in thought 4 a second then she smiled and said “U 4k like the devil”.

Chido smiled at that statement, they got back into the shower and bathed.

Then she redressed his wounds and as he left Chido asked her “where are u going, I though u were spending the night” and she replied “the fact that u got lucky earlier on does not mean I am going to let that continue”.

And as she left she said “I am a little hungry so let me see if I can still get food in the kitchen”.

Chido lay Unclad on the bed, he was restless and his mind kept wondering around. He had taken some pain relief so his pains had subsided into a dull throb.

He heard door open followed by noises in the next room and he knew nurse Fumni had returned.

He waited 4 sometime hoping she would come knocking on his door but she didnt come. He was disappointed cos he had hoped 2 4k her again. He had hoped she would allow him ride her again.

He sighed and swallowed his disappointment and turned around trying to find a comfortable position.

He seem to drift off alittle and then was suddenly awoken by a very subtle sound. He didnt know how long he may have drifted off but felt someone standing by his bed and as he turned around to look a Unclad nurse Fumni slipped into his bed.

As she slipped into his bed her hands travelled up and down his body and then settled on his JT.

He asked her then, I thought u werent coming back?

She replied him “I tried not 2. I fought myself. I resisted but when I started fingering myself I knew I wanted u to 4k me again”.

Chido smiled at her then and slipped his hands down her Bosom which he was already caressing to slip down her stomach, her thighs and then between her legs to find she was already very wet.

Chido’s JT sprank into attention immediately and as he started kissing her she pushed him down and mounted him.

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