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[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 9

Due to the fact that he was always travelling he found it difficult to keep up with lectures so he looked for a friend among his mate and thats how he met Augusta. On that faithful day, Chido and the twins were on their way to one of the female hostels when they came across a girl that was being harassed my two boys.

The boys had collected her hand bag and were roughened her up when Chido just walked over to the boy looking in her bag and gave him a hot slap. GBBBBOOOOSSAAAAAA!!!! The boy held his face and as his tried to pull something out of his pocket the twins where at him in a flash. The boys were warned to stay away from Augusta as Chido helped her up and walked away with her while the twins were still harassing them.

Chido and the twins accompanied Augusta to her hostel, she thankfully asked them to come to her room so she could properly entertain them but they declined. Before Chido left, he collected her number cos he told him she was also studying similar course as he was. So anytime Chido missed a lecture Augusta’s notes was always available and Chido was nice enof to always get things for her whenever he came back.

Week pasted by with no words from Grace, no message, nothing. As if she had vanished into thing air. Chido didnt even see her friend Venessa. It was slowly getting into the middle of their first semester and Lectures had slowly intensified. Chido had to divide himself between school, his group and many other thing.

By now Chido had other avenues to make money so he rarely called his parents for upkeep. Then again his school work was seriously suffering and exams where near. He had already failed some of their school tests and so he decided it was best if he read up in his free time.

One friday Chido didnt feel like school so he stayed back after everyone had gone to lectures. 

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