[Story] My Dirty Secret With My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter – Episode 11

I couldn’t stop now, tried talking some sense into her but she refused. Suggested we have an oral S£x. I’ve had enough, pushed her back on the couch and held her hand while the other immediately assisted the d*ck inside her p*ssy. It happened so fast that i couldn’t believe how i could move her pant aside and my d*ck sensed the entrance of her hole without seeking. I slid in nicely by going fully length.She still tried resisting me but i started slamming away. With each thrust, her will to resist faded away. It seemed like i was pounding it out of her…..which i think i was. I banged her and after a while, her hands were now caressing my back while her legs locked on mine. She moved her waist upwards to enable my thrusts go in deeper. I started a marathon bang on her, non stop, no pause, just pound in an unstoppable rythmn.

Soon, i felt my whole body feeling lighter as the sweet sensation of ejaculation travels up to my brain. I thrust deeper and she grabbed me tighter and muffled her scream by putting her mouth on my shoulder. She bit me a little (still bear a disappearing mark of it), then with my head exploding with pleasure, i came inside her. I lost my senses as if i spilled them inside her Kittykat.

We lay together on the couch, holding each other, catching our breath. By now, the rain had slowed down to a drizzle. After a while, she gently pushed me off her body and said to me “don’t try that again”. I said okay and put on my clothes while she put on the towel round her body. We sat in silence and after a while, she broke the silence “your joystick feels nice shaa. It’s soft but it’s…..it’s okay”. I laughed and thanked her. I Complimented her that her p*ssy was wet and warm and gives a tingling sensation. It made her smile and we looked at each other in an unspoken understanding way and chuckled.

I went to my refridgerator, brought out a chocolate flavoured vodka. We drank it and after a while, her brother came back and she left. I didn’t bang her again but we became closer and

talked about anything in a friendly way. Her mum never bothered me again. I’m still getting advances from my neighbour’s wife. And as for Joy, we seem to be comfortable in ur unserious relationship but we know we’ll keep on banging until we tire of each other. Having had this and mine experience in this compound, it’s about time i moved on before it catches on with me. In barely three months time, I’ll be moving out.

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