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[Story] My Dirty Secret With My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter – Episode 4

It was the Landlord’s daughter. I invited her inand

we sat and chatted like we’ve been doing that all

along and after a long while, she left. The next


was a Friday, came home around 8 pm after

hanging out with a couple of friends, went in and

was glad the power was on.

I was playing some cool music when someone

knocked, Behold it was my Landlord’s daughter. I

invited her in and in my spirited mood, bowed


invited her to dance with me. She laughed

surprised and obliged me. We swayed slowly and

the moment just seemed right, and i knew she


feeling it too cos she couldn’t look me in the eye

anymore. I held her gaze and kissed her and was

struck when she kissed me back passionately.


soon found ourselves lying on the long couch, in

an embrace, kissing, touching, hands roaming all

over each other. Then her sister called out for


and we both jumped, she got up, straightened

herself and left.

The following day, Evening, they all went to their

church’s fellowship. I was at home when


knocked, behold it was my Angelic Landlord’s

daughter. And i let her in.

She’d left the church arena unnoticed and had

come back to me. Unbelievably. Once she


in and i closed the door, as i turned to meet her,

she jumped on me with a kiss. I took her straight

to the bedroom and undressed her as fast as my

hand could go. And man, am i ready to bang or

am i? I wanted to pull off her panties but she

stopped me, smiled and did it herself. I couldn’t

understand that but what the hell. She lay down,

looking prettier than she did (now i’m wondering


women look prettier Unclad or is it just me). I put

my head in between her thighs and went down


her doing my usual thing like it’s an icecream

contest. I started by licking her bigger clit lips (i

think it’s called labia majora if you ask me the

botanical name) seemed to like it, i licked on


and sometimes kiss it.

She kept liking it and moaning, i took a lip in my

mouth and suckled it and she threw her head up

and down, left and right. I did it to both sides


would often blow air softly on her clit, it was an

endless torture. Then i went for the clit, played

with it with my tongue, took it in my mouth and

suckled it while my hands squeezed her breasts

and stroked her Tips, taking a break often to

roam my hands over her neck down to her navel

and back to the Bosom. Then i dug in into my

special areas… she held my head down with her

hand, moaning softly “oh my! yes! yes! yes! suck


Encouraged, I took my time. I wanted her to


my d*ck before i give it to her. She pushed me


turned our position and mounted me. She

tightened her muscle as she slid my d*ck into


p*ssy, and BEHOLD my brothers and sisters

reading this , Believe i was floating in the clouds

as her thighs enveloped me. She was so wet yet

so tight. She kept clenching the p*ssy muscles

around my d*ck while she rotates her hips, i held

and squeezed her buttocks. She maintained a


pace which was killing me but i let her do her

thing, she was so sweet. She’ld often reach


to kiss me and then throw her head back and

laugh and suddenly moan. I was not only being

ridden but was also being entertained. She


bouncing up and down my d*ck so i grabbed her

breasts and stroked her Tips, put it in my

mouth and sucked it hard.

The pleasure made her bang me faster, but


suddenly go slow. It occured to me that she was

reciprocating the same treatment which i’d given

her earlier. I let her do her thing.

She began going slow, very slow indeed, she was

giving me the joy ride of my life. I started

pounding away, while she moaned and moaned.

She suddenly pushed me off, turned over and


me the doggy, her buttocks looked good all

popped up. I slid in slowly and let her play with

the tip a little.

She’ld move her waist but allow me deep enough

to the shaft. After a while, she turned, held my

neck and started riding. Suddenly, we heard


at the door, my heart jumped outta me.. i quickly

reached from my….

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