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[Story] My S3xcapade – Episode 6

A Greenews story 

He pulled back and got off me unwillingly to respond to the call. He had no option. I was left hanging… craving his d!ck. He promised to be back shortly. It was already 1am in the morning.

My fingers ran lower to my wet cunt, lightly touching the hole before circling it, the cream running wetly from that dirty, delicious palace between my laps, streaming down my thighs. There was so much fluid.

I pulled my cunt’s lips apart, spreading them, drawing the pink puffy flesh wide, exposing the secret passage to my kingdom. I started going at my cl!t like crazy, rubbing up and down, massaging the stiff nub in circles, with my fingers like a motor as my hole dripped juice, cream running wetly down.

That’s what Kunle caused, leaving me midway the passion journey. With a moan, a squeal, and a long gasp of “Ah…ah…ahs!” I came hard, my p**sy and ass clenching with ecstasy, and my powerful muscles clamping down again and again, spasming as waves of pleasure seized my body. I got my clothes back on, getting ready to take some fresh air on the deck and see what the sea is like in the middle of the night. I just decided to lay down a bit and I didn’t know how I slept off. I was brought back to life by the tap on the door. Apparently, Kunle is back! Now he can finish me off properly…. 

Updated: November 23, 2017 — 8:29 pm

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