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[Story] Price of Virginity – Episode 3

After my mum hanged up the call,

I was so sad because this is the first time am lying to my mum.

The conversation continued between me and Tony.

Tony: can you give me your number?

Me: no i dont give my number to people i dont know.

Tony: How many days will it take you to know someone, its just one day, so

we have already known, so give me the number please.

I insisted that i will not give him the number because i was very angry at that moment,

Tony said…. nice meeting you, we shall meet again. Thanks.

I walked to bekky and tell her that i want to leave, she pleaded we stay for some hours more, i said no and i left only me, it was already night, i was somehow afraid but i encourage myself

and left.

On my way going, i heard a voice from the back…….siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, stop there pretty girl,

who could that be? my mind was beating very fast, i pulled my shoe and held it with my hands, the voice came up again…..siiiiiiiii i said stop there, another voice added……let chase her and r*pe her,

as i heard that word, i started running, i ran as my legs could carry me, oh! they nearly caught me but God saved me i escaped.

when i got home, i said to my self…….So this was how i could have lost my virginity tonight?, i prayed and thanked God, then i slept. In the morning, bekky came back, she slept in emeka’s lodge last night, she was so weak and tired, i gave her food to eat, after recovering herself, i told her everything that happened to me, she now said to me….This was the main reason i asked you to get one boyfriend, had it been you were going home with your boyfriend, those boys

wouldn’t have chased you.

Now this boyfriend of a thing is now a big issue to me, i gave it a second thought then i went out. I was searching for one of my text book, so i decided to check if its in bekky’s bag, when i opened her bag

searching for my book, what i saw in her bag was to shocking, i saw two cond*ms, Jesus! [i shouted], this attracted

bekky’s attention and she said…Ann what is that?

I said please come oooo, when she came i showed her what i saw in her bag, she laughed and said……yes thats for protection,

What! you mean you are using those things? she said yes and she left me.

Many thought began to flow in my mind.

So bekky use to have s*x with emeka?

So this girl is really a bad girl?

Do i really need to have s*x at this early stage?

What if bekky got prgnanted by emeka?

How can she continue with her education?

Will emeka marry her?

Are you sure if i get a boyfriend, he will not demanded for s*x?

What if he demands?

Am i not matured enough to play games like bekky?

Nooooo i cant.

So this is how school life looks like?

All this thoughts was flowing on my mind and immediately my phone rang….Hello Ann its me your mum, i told you i will call you

back, so how are you my dear?

Am fine mum [i replied] Mum: Remember all the advice i gave you, and most especially please…”keep your virginity and dont fall so cheap

to loose what you have been keeping since from your childhood”.

Ok mum i will. Thanks alot mum [bye, she hanged up the call] Its seems my mother knew how i was feeling and the thoughts that was rolling inside of me, i said oh this my mum must be

be a spiritual mum, as i was still thinking, i heard a knock at my door. yes who is that? Come in.

To be continue……………………….

Updated: July 22, 2017 — 4:24 pm

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