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[Story] S.e.d.u.c.t.i.o.n – Episode 12

A Story Written by Diamondwriter…

‘she’s with Jack’ Peter said with an irritating
tone as he dropped his phone. The room fell
silent. He looked from wife to husband and back
to wife,not a word came from their mouths.
‘what is she doing with Jack?’ his voice got
louder. ‘for Godsake our rehersal dinner is in
three hours’
His eyes were still fixed on Linda and she knew
she had to speak now or risk getting shot.
‘maybe they went to get something for the
dinner’ she said. He shot her a dirty look. More
than what was needed for the rehersal had
since been procured so he could think of
nothing that Anne had possibly gone to
purchase. Linda got the gist. ‘or perhaps she’s
feeling jittery’
‘jittery? It’s not the wedding day!’
It was her cue to keep quiet. Tom who had
been mute knew he had to step in.
‘i think Linda is right. Wedding or rehersal,it
doesn’t matter. Maybe reality is dawning on
Anne and she now sees that she is getting
married. Don’t fret man,it happened to Linda
‘she did?’ Peter asked curiously.
‘i did?’ Linda asked inaudibly.
‘yes she did. I think ours was even more
worrisome. It was our wedding day.’ Tom smiled
like he reminisced the event. ‘she arrived the
church about an hour late. She was so scared.’
Linda’s jaw dropped opened. Peter laughed out
loud. ‘don’t worry man,she would come around’
Tom reassured peter who shook his head and
headed inside.
‘phew!..’ Tom sighed. ‘missled averted.’
Linda rolled her eyes at him.
‘you had to lie didn’t you? I was at the church
thirty minutes before the wedding’
‘duh’ Tom shrugged ‘would you rather i told
him that his wife to be had gone out with a
man who’s forte is to bring out the infidelity in
‘nope’ She stucked out her tongue.
‘that’s what i thought’ Tom smiled at himself.
He had saved the day
Jack arrived with Anne in time for the rehersals.
They sold Tom’s excuse to Peter and he totally
bought it. Linda was suspicious of the entire
event and suspected her husband to be
somehow involved in it all but she had no solid
grounds and so she let it slid.
Wedding day came and it was a blast. Linda
was surprised at how she could get so obsessed
with the preparations. For some unfathomable
reasons,she wanted Peter and Anne to have a
great wedding. Perhaps,she felt she owed him.
She laughed at the irony of watching her
former boy friend dance with a very pretty girl
who was now his wife,at the reception. Seeing a
new couple made her appreciate her marriage a
little more. She watch her husband chat
cheerfully with friends,his smile was so lively
that it carried a large amount of grace with
him. She chosed to forgive his trespasses that
instant. Part of her didn’t blame him. She knew
how lust could get the better of someone. She
played her lllegal episodes with Jack in her head
and thanked God she didn’t do her flesh
After what could pass for a long day,Linda
finally headed home. Tom had ran off scurriedly
in the name of meeting a friend so Linda was
left to drive herself home. On her way,she
decided to dial his phone to check if he was
home yet. The phone rang on the other side
and stopped. She dialled again,this time it was
answered but it wasn’t Tom. It seemed to her
like it was unknown to the receiver. She could
hear some background voices and what
seemed like a lady on tv but she couldn’t figure
Tom’s voice. She increased the automobile
speed and was home in the next fifteen
minutes. His car was in the compound which
gave her a little relief. The main door was
opened so she walked in peacefully and
relaxed,until she saw Tom on the couch. He was
tickling a lady. The lady looked incredibly
familiar and linda couldnt figure out where she
knew her initially then she remember. She was
the lady Linda had seen in the restaurant with
Without thinking,she turned back abruptly and
darted outside. The sound from her movement
must have alerted Tom of her presence as her
called at her but she ignored. She unlocked her
car,stepped into the drivers sit and drove off
without having a destination in mind.
Few metres from her house she heard her
phone ring. She checked the name,it was Tom
calling. She waited till the ringing stopped and
switched off the phone.
As she drove aimlessing,she sobbed. She felt
like a fool for thinking an infidel man would
change so easily. She felt pain as the thought of
Tom with another lady made her feel less of a
She forced her mind to rid itself of Tom for a
moment. She had to figure out where to go to.
She thought of calling Anne or peter but
dismissed it. She didn’t want to crash their
honeymoon. Jack wasn’t an option. For all she
knew,he was just as,or worse than his brother.
He was bad news for her. She had no where
else to go to. There was no really close friend
she could call.
She halted at the front of a hotel

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