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[Story] The Choir Girls & I – Episode 4

“oh my my……jagsssss….. you’re a bad boi….. you’re killing me here….you’re really killing me….”… she began to moan loudly. If not for the loud noise of music played around the hotel by dj’s and bands in the various occasions going on, I’m sure someone would Have heard her, Co’s she was very loud. As I manipulated her insides I was sucking her bosoms and she was screaming my name like she was gonna die. Then I felt her grinding against my finger, so I doubled it and used two fingers. Her Kittycat was hot and wet and tight. I could feel her grinding harder against my fingers then she shook all over as she came. I felt her juices spill on my hand. Then I took out my wallet and drew out a condom. I wore it on my john Thomas who already protesting in erection. Then I raised both her legs up and entered into her. she moaned loudly and held me. I began pumping into her in fast thrusts as there was no time for slow and steady. as I fuc*ked her she began moaning loudly “yes…..yes…..fuc*k me…..oh….. yes…..yes…..yes….you’re killing me…….oh I’m gonna die….. ahhhhhhhhh…..oooooooohhhh……”, she was moaning. After some minutes, I drew out of her and drew her to the room table. I raised one of her legs and placed it on the table, Then u entered her from behind. I fuc*ked her hard and fast. As I bleeped her, I was rubbing her Kittycat with my hand, sending her to unimaginable heights of passion, She started shaking again and I knew she was about to Pour.

So I upped my pace and we came together. I left my Joystick inside for some seconds making sure we enjoyed every bit of our cu*mming. Then I withdrew from inside of her and pulled off the condom. I tied it and she showed me the toilet where I went to flush it. Man, it had been a while that I had such crazy S£x. I flushed the condom Then went to the parlor and waited for her to change. She came out a few moments later, looking ravishing. one would never suspect she just had S£x. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then she opened the door and we walked out. There really were people waiting for us.

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