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[Story] The Choir Girls & I – Episode 7

Fast forward to two week later……..Angel is already my girlfriend (I won’t bore u with details of How I chased her… too romantic for the sexuality section.*winks*)

I had banged Mimi twice, once at my place and the other at hers.

Angel was always sweet to me. She’d call everyday, always sent a goodnight sms. I found out that her dad was a very rich businessman. She’s smart, intelligent, sharp and caring and was always smiling like someone was teasing her. I also found out She’s a virgin.

Anyways, I had been chatting a lot with the two other girls, Joy and Sonia on Whatsapp and found them to be naughty creatures. They liked to talk naughty and hot things online. it got to an extent that we weren’t only S£x chatting but we were sharing Unclad pics.

So one faithful week, Angel traveled with her parents to osun state for her cousins wedding,and my Mum traveled to the Villa. So, I decided to use the opportunity to invite these girls over (separately of course). I invited Sonia first and she agreed to visit on Tuesday. So I took my time on Monday to set up the stage (arrange the house). I washed all my dirty clothes, Mopped the house,arranged it neatly and made sure everything was in order.

Tuesday came and by 10am I called her….

…ring ring..ring ring…. “hello dearie”, her voice sounded sweet in my ears…”hi love”….we called each other some pet names then I asked her if she was coming already. She replied saying she had dressed up and was about leaving the house.

I smiled and told her not to keep me waiting. Then I blew her kisses and ended the call.

From experience, I know women love it when a guy cooks for them, so I had prepared jollof rice. Immediately after the call, I went to the kitchen and put it down from the fire. My plan was simple; to feed her and then fuc*k her, then feed her and fuc*k her again, and then feed her and fuc*k her again. I put on my complete basketball Jersey with my name and my team name, to impress her with, of course. So I sat down and waited. The house smelled nice from the baptism it received from me. I switched the channel to Super Sports 3 and sat down to enjoy some football.

I watched for about thirty minutes when my phone started ringing. It was Sonia. I picked up and she said she was already in front of my house. I went out to meet her. Man she was dressed with just one mission; To Kill!. Sonia was putting on black leggings on a body fitted T-shirt. She tucked in the T-shirt even as I couldn’t help but notice her round Buttocks and Sekxy hips. As usual with girls of this generation, the two top buttons of the T-shirt were opened exposing much of her cleavage. Upon seeing that, my dic*k started rising. I had to control it since I was wearing shorts and everyone would notice the bulge. So, I used my ever working technique-I zoned out and thought of old people. My dic*k began returning to it’s den. I hugged her and we smiled at each other. “hope I didn’t keep you waiting?”, I asked her. “No u didn’t”…

Updated: July 27, 2017 — 5:08 am

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