[Story] The Choir Girls & I – Episode 8

We went inside and I offered her a sit on the three-seater chair cos it was spacious and easier to make moves on.”So What do I offer you, my dear?”….

“Nothing, really”, she said. girls and their forming. Anyways I Just laughed and told her that it wasn’t in our family to starve our guests. I gave her some of my pictures(which I carefully selected to avoid stories that touch). Then I asked her to excuse me as I went to fix her something. She smiled “Okay” at me and I left. I served her jollof rice and chicken to be washed down with fruit juice. She smiled and told me thanks. I told her to feel free.

Then she complained that I brought one spoon and that she doesn’t like eating alone. I took another spoon and joined her. As we ate, we talked about stuff, then I started feeding her. She was shy at first, but soon the shyness disappeared (me thinks she was faking it). We took turns in feeding each other until the food finished and I cleared the table. I came back and sat close to her as she sipped her drink and looked at the pictures. I wanted the food to digest before making any move, so I kept describing people in the pictures to her. We were like that for about thirty minutes and then I decided to make my move. I went to the room and made sure it was set. It was. then I came back and sat with her. it was like she was reading my mind cos one more button had gone down and I could get a nice view of her killer-boo*bs. then I made my first move.

I pressed my body closer to her and began to rub her arm slowly. We were both suddenly quiet as if we were trying to read each other’s mind. As I caressed her arm soft she relaxed her body against mine. I smelled her hair and her skin. Chocolate. Then I slid my other hand round her waist. I then moved the hand on her arm slowly to her face and began to caress it. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and I knew I was turning her on. So, I turned her close to me. We locked eyes for some seconds then I leaned I and kissed her. She opened her mouth and accepted me whole. In a few more moments she was crushing my mouth in hers. She’s a very good kisser. As we kissed, she sucked my lips, leaving me breathless. After some minutes of intense pastorate kissing, I moved a hand inside her T-shirt to her boo*bs and began to massage them. She let out a soft moan. I slid the hand round her waist inside the shirt and her singlet and began to caress her back. As we kissed and romanced, she began to moan softly and I was turned on, Then I laid her on the chair and began to kiss her all over, I made to bury my head in her boo*bs when my stupid phone rang from the room,”Sweet Mum calling”. I stood up from top of her and went to pick it up. It was Just a routine check up from My Mum. I told her all was Fine, though I was angry she might Have killed the mood. She ended the call and I dropped the phone.

I stood for some moments, thinking of another move when Sonia walked into the room. Her T-shirt was off. This time, she was making a move. 

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