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[Story] The Flames Of Paradise – Episode 22

episode 22
‘Hi Snigdha. Good to see you! You are looking very beautiful.’
Snigdha watched the smile curving Roshan’s full lips and firmed her heart to be cool.
‘Good to see you too. I was getting worried therefore, decided to come and meet you…’ Snigdha’s voice trailed away.
‘If you hadn’t come to meet me, I would have. But why were you going away without meeting me?’ Roshan asked tilting his head to look at her with a small knowing smile on his lips.
‘Well… I thought maybe you were not at home. And then I met…’ before she could complete her sentence, he inserted,
‘Oh… Yes, Sagarika… your… your… wife.’ Snigdha said the word painfully, swallowing her pride.
‘Nope. Sagarika… my ex-wife!’ he said tightly.
Snigdha’s head jerked up and she stared at him in surprise.
‘Yes. Sagarika is the quintessential troublemaker in my life. We got divorced a few years ago and she lives here in Delhi. Yesterday, she brought me to my home and as I was in no shape to argue her decision, I let her lead. I thought she had changed and had matured but I was wrong. She still manages to create trouble in my life. I heard what all she said Snigdha. And I don’t blame you for believing her. I would have done the same. But, tell me, don’t you trust me?’ Roshan asked softly. His eyes were glittering with an emotion, Snigdha didn’t dare to name. Her own heart was beating quite hard. She opened her mouth to speak, when suddenly the front door opened hard with a bang and Sagarika came out, carrying a voluminous designer bag. She walked towards them, and sniffed. Without saying anything she walked quickly towards the gate and walked out.
‘Good riddance to bad rubbish!’ Roshan pronounced in good humour, his eyes crinkling at the corners. ‘Lets go inside, to a little more privacy.’
Roshan held his hand out, and Snigdha put hers in it. Linking his strong fingers with her soft ones, Roshan lead her into the big house, crossing the hall, he entered a room which looked like a study and locked it before turning towards her.
Snigdha’s heart did a flip-flop at the intense look Roshan gave her.
Snigdha ran her eyes all over Roshan who was clad in a black trousers and formal light blue shirt. His long hair had been trimmed since she last saw him on TV and his face was clean shaven. Noticing a red scar on his forehead, Snigdha’s hand reached to touch it, her fingers caressing it softly. She saw Roshan’s eyes close and slowly he lifted his hand to cover her fingers and bring it close to his lips, kissing each finger one by one, making Snigdha’s heartbeats race.

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