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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 1

Written by Casper Jnr
Facebook: Casper Jnr
Twitter: @CasperJnr

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Grinn!!!!!!!!!!The alarm clock sounded.

“Ah its morning already” Daniel said as he sluggishly got out of bed.

It was the first week of resumption and as usual, lectures would start

in earnest. Daniel sluggishly went into bathroom to take a leak and

brush his teeth. Taking a hard look at his reflection on the mirror,

Daniel began to imagine how life in the university would be.

“Will i be able to blend into the university environment?”

“Will i be able to understand the courses i will be taught?”

“Will i be able to get good grades throughout my years here?”

“Well, only time will tell. Let’s just see how things turn out” Daniel

said as he rinsed his face.

With that, he hurriedly brushed his teeth, took his bath and dressed

up. Putting the necessary books into his bag, he headed to the next

room where his friends stayed but was surprised to find them still


Clement, Edwin and Felix are Daniel’s best friends or you can pretty

much say his only friends. Daniel, Clement and Edwin’s fathers were

also best friends so it was just natural that they bounded while Felix

joined the pack during there days in high school.

Daniel: What!!! You guys are still asleep by this time of the day?

Don’t you know lectures starts today?

Edwin: Hey!! Relax Danny boy, we know alright.

Daniel: Then why are you guys still asleep? Don’t tell me you guys

went to another party last night?

Felix: And what if we told so (raised eyebrow).

Daniel: C’mon guys, two parties in one day? Can’t you guys just get

serious with your life and with your studies?

Clement: Hey!! Take a chill pill bro, we just taking life easy, you

only live once you know?

Daniel: And this room reeks of alcohol. You guys go take a bath, brush

your teeth and go……

Clement: Ah Danny, you’re beginning to sound like my mom (looking disgusted).

Daniel: You know what, am no longer having this conversation, you guys

can wallow in here for all i care.

With that, he left the room and headed to class. He had barely reached

his class when he suddenly heard,

“Oh my God!! Its Daniel” a girl out of nowhere screamed.

Gradually, girls in their numbers gathered around themselves trying to

get a glimpse of Daniel. As usual, Daniel wasn’t surprised by all that

was happening as he had numerous scenarios back in high school. Being

the most handsome and brilliant student in school and also winning

different awards for both the school and himself, such scenarios where

inevitable and he sometimes, he wondered why they just wouldn’t let

him alone as he didn’t like all the attention.

As he approach his class, he could hear noises indicating that the

lecturer wasn’t in the class yet but as he got into his class, he saw

something that left him quite confused. 

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