[Story] The New Girl – Episode 3

Daniel saw someone sitting on his favorite spot and everyone who knows him, knows that he loves sitting right beside a window right from the days of high school so whoever was sitting on the chair, “must either be a new student or someone looking for his attention” Daniel thought. He then walked up to the strange person who turned out to be a female with her gaze already on him and the following conversation ensued.

Daniel: Hello?

Susan: Hey!!!

Daniel: Erm Sorry if what am gonna say will sound quite absurd but you are kinda sitting on my favourite sit

Susan: (looking surprised) Really?

Daniel: Yeah

Susan: So what do you want me to do then? (sounding sarcastic)

Daniel: Well i would love it if you would find another place to sit

Susan: Well Mister, as you can see i sat down here long before you came and when i came here, i didn’t see your name on the chair so i would love you to find another place to sit (smiling)

Daniel: But……. 

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