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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 39

* The Macaulay residence *
“So, can someone please explain to me how you got into this house and what you are doing here by this time of the night,” Mrs. Macaulay asked.
“Erm… Mom… It’s…” Daniel stammered but was cut off by Edwin.
“… We’re very sorry ma’am. We really wanted to see Daniel today but we were caught up in traffic which made us arrive here really late. We didn’t want to bother you guys by knocking on the front door because we thought you would all be asleep, so we decided to climb to Daniel’s room,” Edwin said in a sober tone.
“Then why all the noise and screaming in there?” Mrs. Macaulay asked once again.
“That was Daniel being a girl,” Edwin replied, smirking, to which Daniel rolled an eye.
Mrs. Macaulay sighed before saying, “What you three did was very dangerous. What if you all had fallen down while climbing and injured yourselves? What would you tell your parents when they ask? So, next time, don’t do that again. If you want to see anyone, you come through the front door. We are all one big family and I take you all as my children. So please don’t try this again, understood?”
“Yes ma’am,” they all chorused.
“Good, you all can go now,” Mrs. Macaulay said waving them away.
“One more thing, ma’am,” Edwin said.
“And what’s that?”
“My parents are hosting a Christmas party and would love to invite every member of the family. I’m pretty sure my Mom will give you a call first thing tomorrow morning.”
“Oh, that’s fantastic. We will definitely attend. Well, y’all can go back to the room, and Daniel, why don’t you get the mattress and pillow from the guest room so your friends can sleep on it. I can’t let you three leave this house by this time of the night,” Mrs. Macaulay said.
“Okay, Mom,” Daniel said, walking towards the guest room.
“Thanks ma’am,” the guys chorused walking towards the stairs.
“I can’t believe Mom didn’t throw them out. Now they’re gonna spend the night here. What are we gonna do, Jenny?” Jessy asked as they stood on the stairs, listening into the conversation their Mom and Daniel’s friend were having.
“I had a feeling this might happen, that’s why I reset the trap we had planned to use for them the last time they came here. We will use that trap today,” Jenny said, smirking.
“Oh…that one. Alright, let’s do it,” Jessy said, quickly walking up the stairs with Jenny.
“I don’t know why, but Daniel’s Mom scares me,” Felix said, walking up the stairs.
“Same with me. She has this commanding presence and commanding voice. No wonder Daniel is so obedient. He fears his Mom,” Clement said trailing closely behind Felix.
“Commanding…scary…fear…blah…blah…blah. I just want Daniel to get over here so I can get some food, I’m hungry,” Edwin said, overtaking Felix and Clement. Stepping on the foot rug in front of Daniel’s room, he found out he couldn’t get his foot out of it. “What the… I can’t get my foot out of this rug.”
“Get out of the way, Eddy. My butt needs some comfort,” Felix said, pointing at his butt.
“I can’t. I’m serious, I can’t. My foot is stuck on it.” Edwin panicked.
“Get out the way, Mr. Paranoid. I’m going in,” Clement said, jumping over the rug. Once he opened the door, a bucket of blue paint suddenly fell his head, covering both his body and the shirt of Edwin with blue paint.
“Woah! What the hell.” Edwin screamed.
“I said it. It’s those evil sister that’s doing this. They are out to get us again.” Felix panicked, but was unaware there of a tiny string on the wall he was standing beside. He accidentally pulled the string and a plank on the wall slingshot to his face, making him groan “awooh” in pain and tumble down the stairs.
“What’s going on here?” Mrs. Macaulay asked, rushing to where Felix laid on the floor after tumbling down the stairs.
“Felix, are you alright?” Daniel asked, as he got to where he laid.
“Mr. Santa Claus, did you get me a present? I’ve been a good boy, I swear,” Felix said, obviously dazed from the fall.
“Hello! A little help up here.” Edwin yelled.
“I’m coming. Woah! Edwin, Clement, what happened to you guys? I leave you guys alone for 2 minutes and you put yourselves in a mess? This is a new world record,” Daniel said, looking perplexed.
“Before you start nagging like a girl, why don’t you get me off this, huh?” Edwin said, shrugging.
“Alright, alright. Let me see. Men! Your foot is stuck really good. We’re gonna have to force your foot out, by any means necessary.” Daniel smirked.
“I don’t like the look on your face, Daniel,” Edwin said, raising an eyebrow.
“Can someone tell me what happened here?” Mrs. Macaulay said, assisting Felix up the stairs.
“I don’t know but I think we were pranked by someone,” Edwin said.
“A prank? By someone?” Mrs. Macaulay asked.
“I guess you guys have forgotten the guy that has blue paint all over his body,” Clement said moving his hands up and down his body.
“Just go wash up in the bathroom, Clement,” Daniel said forcing Edwin to the ground.
“Ow, that hurts,” Edwin said, glaring daggers at Daniel.
“Now Edwin, what made you think someone pranked you guys?” Mrs. Macaulay asked.
“Everything was just well synchronize. Me getting my foot stuck on the rug, Clement getting a bucket of paint dropped on his head, Felix being hit by a plank making him tumble down the stairs. This were all well planned by someone or someone’s targeting 3 of us,” Edwin said, still trying to force his foot out of the rug as he laid on the floor.

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