[Story] The New Girl – Episode 5

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“Oh sorry, didn’t see you there” Susan said with a mocking tone before walking away.

“OKAY, What just happened and who the hell was that?” Edwin asked looking at Daniel.

“Who does she think she is?” Felix asked.

“Hey!! Daniel, isn’t that the new girl we were just talking about?” Clement asked.

“Yeah, she is the one” Daniel said still shocked over what just happened.

“Who does she think she is huh, just going around pouring yoghurt on people’s faces, does she know who we are?” Felix asked to no one in particular.

“That girl just bite off more than she can chew, no one messes with us and gets away with it” Edwin said clutching his fist.

“Don’t worry Daniel, just leave this to us, we’ll handle it for you, right guys?” Clement asked both Edwin and Felix.

“Yeah bro, we got this” Edwin and Felix said.

Daniel just nodded as they walked to their apartment.


Susan walked into her room to find it empty.

“They’re probably not done with lectures for today” She thought as she went into the bathroom to have a shower.

Not long after she had her showered, Nicole walked into the room.

Nicole: Hello Suzy?

Susan: Hi Nicole. How was class?

Nicole: Great but am so hungry, i haven’t eaten anything all day.

Susan: Yeah i was about to go prepare something but didn’t Tania give you a slice of the pizza she bought?

Nicole: What!!! Tania bought pizza this morning?

Susan: Yeah!! Didn’t you know?

Nicole: No, they didn’t tell me when i came back. So, that means they ate all the pizza without giving me a slice (sobbing).

Susan: (laughing) Sorry Nikki. Well, I was about to cook so maybe i can just……..

Nicole: (excited) Oh Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You are the best.

Susan: (smiling) Your welcome.

Nicole: So, how was your first day in class?

Susan: Well……. It….was fine just some….

Cleo walks in…

Cleo: Hey!!! Roomies

Nicole: Hi sis

Susan: Hey Cleo

Cleo: (slumping to the bed) Men!! Am so hungry.

Nicole: What!! You’re hungry? After eating up a whole pizza and not even keeping some for me (folding her arms).

Cleo: (scratching her hair) Oh right!!! Sorry about that.

Nicole: Whatever (rolling eyes), So Susan, what were you saying?

Susan: Well, it was just this guy in class that pulled back my chair when i was about to sit which made me fall down to the ground so hard.

Nicole: Oh my God, that guy must be crazy to have done that (shouting).

Cleo: I hope you got some pay back?

Susan: Of course i did, i poured cold yogurt on his face in the presence of his friends and some other students (feeling proud of herself).

Cleo: That’s the spirit girl (shaking Susan’s hand), that guy got exactly what he deserved.

Nicole: Yeah girl great job. Guys can be so unbelievable.

Cleo: Tell me about it. There was this one time a guy wanted to……

Nicole: No! No!! No!!! No stories now, Susan wants to cook lunch for us (winking at Susan)

Susan: (smiling).

Nicole: So Susan, how about that food huh? (raising both eyebrows repeatedly).

Susan: Alright, Alright, i will start right now (moving towards the kitchen).

Nicole & Cleo: Yeeepi.


Daniel’s mind wasn’t as rest all thorough the time the incident had happened. He still couldn’t believe a girl he didn’t know from anywhere could do something like that to him.

“But who’s this girl really?”

“Isn’t she new in this school?”

“Why did she do that to me?”

“How i wish i could get some payback for myself but what if i do that and she decided to pour something apart from yogurt on me?”

“But wait, the guys said they will help me get some payback?”

“What if they do that and she comes after me for revenge?”

“Oh no, I’ve got to talk to them before they do something that might ruin my peace of mind”

Daniel then went to the guys room where he met them playing cards and drinking beer.

Clement: Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Eddy, remove that card, it’s my turn.

Edwin: No, after Felix, it’s my turn.

Clement: Say what!! After Felix, it’s my turn or isn’t it so Felix?

Felix: Hey, don’t look at me i don’t know.

Daniel: Do you guys argue like this Every time?

Clement, Felix & Edwin: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh (screaming).

Edwin: (holding his chest) Jesus, Daniel you scared us.

Daniel: (laughing) You guys are just cry babies.

Clement: So Danny boy, what brings you to our humble abode (smiling)?

Daniel: Well (pulling out a chair), i wanna talk to you guys about what happened earlier today.

Clement: Don’t worry Danny boy, we told we’ll handle it for you, so, don’t worry your little mind.

Daniel: Yeah that’s the thing, i don’t want you guys doing anything to her.

Clement, Edwin & Felix: Huh!! Why?

Daniel: I don’t want any trouble, you guys saw what she did earlier and am pretty sure she can do worse if we do anything to her again.

Felix: (laughing) I never knew Daniel was such a scaredy cat.

Daniel: I’m not a….. (Sighing) You guys should just understand me when i say i don’t want any trouble, so, can i count on you guys to do this for me?

Clement: (clearing his throat) Well Daniel, you should know that in order for us to comply, there will be a clause.

Daniel: And what’s the clause?

Edwin: (looking at Clement & Felix) We will have unlimited access to your video game (grinning).

Daniel: What!!! Hell No!! So that you guys can mess up my room? I mean look at this place (pointing at the floor) it’s such a mess, do you guys ever clean up?

Clement: Well, technically we do clean up but its Felix’s turn to clean up this week but he hasn’t (glaring at Felix).

Felix: Say What? My Turn? I thought it’s Eddy’s turn this week?

Edwin: Woah! Woah!! Woah!!! It was my turn last week Felix, it’s definitely Clement’s turn since i haven’t seen him clean for a very long time.

Clement: Hey!! You guys shouldn’t drag me into this alright? You both know it’s supp….

Daniel: …. I don’t really care whose turn it is alright can you guys just stay away from the new girl?

Clement: You heard the clause bro, that or no deal (smiling).

Daniel: (sighing) Alright fine, but, its only until…..

Felix: …. Last person to get into Daniel’s room, gets to make breakfast (running off).

Clement & Edwin: Oh no you don’t (running off).

Daniel: Oh God, this guys are gonna mess up my room, if i had known i would have…… Wait a minute (suddenly remembering what Felix said) am so not making breakfast tomorrow!!! 

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