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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 6

The next day in class

“Alright everyone, that will be all for today” the lecturer said before exiting the class.

Daniel began packing his books into his bag when Susan walked past him also about existing the class.

“Hey! Susan wait” Daniel heard Felix call out. Daniel watched as Felix walked towards the new girl and started talking to her.

“Why is Felix talking to her?”

“How did he know her name?”

“Why hasn’t anyone left the class?”

“Where is Edwin and Clement?”

“What’s going on here?”

Daniel continued asking himself all this questions and decided to walk up to Felix and the new girl. Walking towards them, he saw both Clement and Edwin at the class entrance talking to a guy and wondered what they were talking about. As he was about getting to where Felix and the new girl stood, she left and headed towards the exit door.

“Hey!! Felix, what’s going…..” Daniel couldn’t finish his statement because he heard a loud cry and a heavy thud which was followed up by loud roars of laughter from the students. Looking at the direction of which the thud came from, Daniel was shocked to find the Susan on the floor with a little bruise on her knee. Giving Daniel a spiteful and vengeful gaze, she stood up, dusted herself and left.

Shocked by what he just witnessed, Daniel walked up to Clement with anger written all over his face.

“And what was that you guys just pulled up huh? Didn’t we agree yesterday that we would stay away from her?” Daniel yelled.

“Yeah we did but, we weren’t gonna let what happened just slide like that” Clement responded.

“Yeah Danny, we just couldn’t” Edwin said.

“Ah God, you guys are just……… Ah God” Daniel uttered before running after Susan.

“Hey!!! Wait, new girl, wait” Daniel yelled when he sighted Susan but she neither looked back nor stopped.

“Maybe she can’t hear me”

“What was that her name again?……. Oh yeah”

“Hey Susan, please wait up”

This time, Susan did stop to check who was yelling her name but upon realising it was Daniel, she merely hissed and continued walking. Daniel then increased his pace upon seeing her reaction until he was standing right beside her.

“Hey!! Calm down, i was calli…….” Daniel said holding her arm but she quickly removed his hands from hers.

“Will you take your filthy hands away from me? And why are following me? Or do you want to prank me again?” Susan asked with a furious tone.

“No! No!! No!!! I wasn’t the one who pranked you, i had no hand in it”

“Oh yeah right, just like you didn’t have a hand in what happened to me yesterday in class”

“Okay I’ll admit, that was totally on me but believe me i had no hand in this”

By now, they were now the centre of attraction to everyone there as they tried to listen into their conversation.

“Look, you can rant all you want but i can boldly see it in your eyes that you were the mastermind of it and believe me, you’ll leave to regret it. Good day”

She turned to take her leave but Daniel quickly held her hand.

“No, please, believe me i had no hand in it. Okay, i’m willing to do anything you say i should do for 1week, you just say it and I’ll do it” Daniel said

“Oh my God, Do i look like someone who is in…….”

“I’M WILLING TO BE YOUR SLAVE” Daniel heard himself say.

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