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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 7

Written By Casper Jnr…. Facebook: Casper Jnr, Twitter: @CasperJnr, Instagram:@casperjnrr, Whatsapp: +2348170192713, Email:

I’M WILLING TO BE YOUR SLAVE” Daniel heard himself say.

“And what makes you think that I’ll…………… Wait, do you mean what you just said now?” Susan asked.

“Ye…Ye….Yes i do” Daniel replied nervously.

“Okay, give me your number” Susan said with authority in her voice.

“My room number?” Daniel asked quite confused.

“No idiot, i mean your phone number” Susan replied.

“Oh sorry, here it is” Daniel said typing down his number on her phone

“Good, I’ll keep in touch” Susan said before walking away

“Does that mean you have forgiven me?” Daniel asked

“I said I’ll keep in touch” Susan said without glancing back at Daniel.

Daniel just stood rooted at the spot, gazing at Susan as she walked off and as some student left the scene murmuring to themselves.

Edwin: Hey! Daniel, what’s up with you ?

Daniel: (Startled) Nothing, absolutely nothing (leaving angrily).

Felix: Woah guys, i think Daniel is really mad at us.

Edwin: Yeah thanks for the info Captain Obvious.

Clement: C’mon guys, let’s go after him.


By now, the news had spread all around campus that Daniel was seen talking to an unknown girl which would explain why Susan had been receiving awkward glances from female students. Getting to her room, she met all her roommates eagerly waiting for her arrival.

Susan: Hey!! Girls, what’s up? (As she got in)

Cleo: (with a stern face) Is it true that you were talking to Daniel today?

Susan: (in her thoughts) *who is Daniel? Oh it’s probably that guy* (reality) Yeah i was and so?

Nicole, Cleo & Tania: Oh My God!!!!


Nicole: Ooh those dreamy eyes of his (Fantasizing).

Cleo: Isn’t his smile just dreamy? (Fantasizing).

Tania: Doesn’t he smell so nice? (Fantasizing).

Nicole: Is he……… Wait a minute (looking at both Cleo and Tania).

Cleo, Nicole & Tania: Are you two dating?

Susan: Wait!! What!!? No! No!! No!!! No!!! No!!! We are so not dating alright, we were just having a random conversation, that’s all.

Cleo: (touching her chest) Phew, what a relief.

Susan: But why are you girls drooling about this guy?

Cleo: (gasping) Don’t ever say that about my man, you hear me?

Tania: Hey!! Cut her some slack Cleo, she is new here remember? Well Susan, (Looking at Susan) why don’t i enlighten you a bit. Daniel is the most……

Cleo: …..handsome, beautiful, charming, awesome……..

Nicole: ……..macho, intelligent, smart, fantastic…….

Tania: Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Hey!!! Hey!!! You girls, is that how you describe someone? Jesus, you girls are nuts. Well, As i was saying Susan, Daniel is the most popular and smartest guy in this school.

Nicole: Not forgetting that he’s also the most handsome.

Tania: (giggling) Yeah and also that.

Susan: Hmm i see

Tania: Yeah and for you to be talking to him in just your 3rd day here, is quite an achievement. I must admit, am a bit jealous. (Smirking)

Cleo: Yeah so am i. (Sighing) What i wouldn’t give to go on a date with Daniel, I can even trade Nicole just to go out with him.

Nicole: Huh!! You will trade me, Your own sister, Your own TWIN sister, Your flesh and blood? Just to go out with a guy? (Sounding angry).

Cleo: Not just any guy, it’s Daniel and hell yeah am gonna do it (smirking).

Nicole: Oh i see, I’ve now seen the evil and wicked side of you so before you trade me out, kindly give me back my cologne you borrowed last week.

Cleo: Here it is, now give me back the shoe you took from my wardrobe.

Nicole: Here it is, also give me back my dress you wore to Sheila’s party.

Cleo: Here it is, now give me back the makeup kit.

Nicole: Hey!! You bought that for me on our birthday, you can’t just take it back.

Cleo: Oh yes i can, because i bought it with MY OWN MONEY and not yours, so, give it back.

Nicole: Oh yeah!! Tania, do you know who stole the red purse your uncle bought for?

Tania: (looking confused and interested) WHO!!!?

Cleo: (gasping) You wouldn’t dare.

Nicole: (smirking) It was Cleo who stole it.

Tania: What!!!! How dare you (glaring daggers at Nicole).

Nicole: Hehehe (laughing nervously) Sorry!!

Tania: Sorry!? Sorry!!? Is that all your gonna say, Sorry!!? After stealing my purse? Okay, where is the purse now?

Nicole: Erm, i……kinda…..lo…lo….i kinda lost it.

Cleo: Can you imagine that, she lost an expensive purse, tsk .. tsk … tsk what a shame (shaking her head).

Susan: Stop that Cleo

Cleo: Hey!! What!!

Tania: So you lost my purse huh?, you lost my purse?.

Susan: Calm down Tania, I know you’re upset but just try and let it go alright? Am sure Nicole is very sorry for what she did or (stressing the word) AREN’T YOU NICOLE?

Nicole: (using an innocent voice) Yeah, am sorry Tania. I promise i will make it up to you (smiling).

Tania: Argh!!!!

Nicole: Am sorry Tanny (tickling her) Sorry! Sorry!! Sorry!!!

Susan: (tickling Tania) Sorry! Sorry!! Sorry!!!

Tania: (laughing) Oh alright, alright, i forgive you Nikki.

Cleo: What!!! No you can’t just let her get away with it just like that?.

Susan: Hey!! C’mon Cleo why are talking like that?

Cleo: Hey! Weren’t you girls here when Nikki said she would trade me just to go out with a guy? What kind of sister does that to her own twin?

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