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[Story] Together Forever – Episodes 22, 23 and 24

Together Forever 22

She walked out of her room carrying a pot and a tuber of yam.


She turned and saw Kalu seated outside his room with a laptop on his thighs, “Evening,” she bolted the door and strode towards the exit.


She halted and glanced back at him.

“I love you. I really, really do.”

She hissed and started to walk away.

“Sayu wait,” he got up, placed the laptop on the chair and ran after her.

“Kalu, abeg leave me.”

He fell into steps with her, “I am at my wits end here.”

She rolled her eyes and went straight to the kitchen.

“Please give me a chance,” he followed her.

She sat on the stool beside her stove and set the pot down.

“Things are going to change in the next few days. I want you to be part of it.”

She opened her cupboard and brought out a knife and a bowl. She wished he would just stop pestering her.

“I am relocating to Ilupeju. A brand new car and a two bedroom flat is at my disposal. I want you to be my woman. I will take care of you.”

She met his pleading gaze.


Together Forever 23

“I promise to be faithful. I want you to be the woman I take home to my parents.”

She bent her head, “Please stop.”

He went on his knees, “I want to marry you.”

She raised her head and looked into his hazel eyes, “I am sorry. I can’t.”

“Yes you can.”

“I am in love with someone else.”

“Timothy?” he frowned, “What can he offer you? I am a thousand times better than the man that he is,” he beat his hand against his chest.

“And I will choose him over you a zillion times in this world and the next.”

He got up, visibly angry, “I saw the both of you.”

Her puzzled stare rested on his face.

“Unclad and worse than cows on heat.”

Shocked look, “How did you…”

“I came by to borrow a ring boiler. Mine got burnt. Your door was unusually unlocked. I peeped and saw the both of you.”

Her hand flew to her mouth. It was the first and last time they slept together.

“I thought you were both born again Christians. When did the church endorse sex before marriage?” he snarled and marched out.


Together Forever 24

Timothy dashed out of his room in a black suit, blue shirt, black tie and black Italian shoes. He just got a call from someone in PZ Industries, one of the firms he consulted for. The board of directors were planning to terminate his contract and sign up someone else. Why would they do such a thing? He had a good relationship with them. What went wrong?

On his way to the junction, he got a text from a Director in Orange Drugs, a company he also consulted for. They were dissolving their bond with him. What was really going on? Two out of the four companies he had contracts with had ended their deals with him.

While waiting for a bus, he got a call from one of the Brand Managers at Nestle Foods Limited. His contract with them had been terminated. He placed a hand on his head in confusion and jumped into the bus that stopped at the bus stop. He wished he could fly to Ilupeju. He checked his phone and saw a text from a friend working at Glaxo Smith Kline. The message was bad news. 

To be continued…

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