[Story] Together Forever – Episodes 25, 26 and 27

Together Forever 25

She came out of her room and saw her boyfriend banging on Kalu’s door.


He glanced back at her, “Have you seen him today?”


“The bastard!” his eyes blazed with rage.

His countenance alarmed her. She hurried to his side.

“Can you imagine that all my contracts were terminated today?”

She sucked in breath.

“They paid me off and signed up someone else.”

“Jesus!” her hand flew to her mouth.

“I asked around and found out that the culprit agreed to take half of what I was paid for the same work load.”

“Oh my God!”

“When I called the I.T guys that worked with me, they told me that Kalu informed them that he was now in charge. The leech is ready to pay them double,” he snarled.

The pain she saw in his eyes made her heart ache.

“I was just trying to help him, but, the pig went behind my back, poisoned their minds and stole all my deals.”

It dawned on her that Kalu had moved out. She drew him close and hugged him. She felt him tremble against her. Was he crying?


Together Forever 26

He returned home physically and mentally exhausted. He pulled off his clothes, tied a towel around his waist and left the room with his bucket. He joined the queue outside the bathroom and replayed the day on his tensed mind.

He had submitted his proposal to several companies on the island and the mainland that day. He prayed and hoped that they would get back to him asap. His survival depended on the new contract jobs he hoped to get.

His plans of asking Sayu to marry him had been truncated by the recent turn of events. He hoped to get back on his feet sooner than later, get a better accommodation, possibly a car, then buy an engagement ring and propose to her.

He had about eight point five million in his accounts, but, he wasn’t ready to touch his savings yet. He needed a stable source of income. He had never done a nine to five job since he graduated years ago. He had been on his own for a very long time. Where was he going to start from? He gazed at the sky. He needed a miracle.


Together Forever 27

Osayuwamwen knocked and went into her boss’ office. She was in the company of a male visitor. 

The woman usually leave the office between four and five in the evening. It gave her the opportunity to close early. There were times her boss left the office before four. On those days, her visitors were usually related to her.

“Sayu meet my son Richard,” the woman had a proud look on her face.

She stood at the table and turned towards the young man, “Good afternoon sir.”

“Good afternoon,” his British accent was as clear as day.

“He schooled abroad, lived and worked in the U.K for a while, now he is home to stay.”

She directed her calm gaze at the woman. She looked happy.

“We are going out for a late lunch. I will head home from there.”

“All right ma.”

“Why don’t she join us?” mother and son locked gazes.

“Oh, okay,” she turned to meet her P.A’s confused face.

“I am ready when you are.”

“Okay, give me a minute.”

She caught a glimpse of her boss’ son. He smiled and winked at her.

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