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[Story] Torn (Based On A True Life Story) – Episode 42, 43 & 44 

TORN (Chapter Forty-two)

“Don’t forget to send all the goodies. Eat alone, die alone.”

“Hey! Funmike!”

“What?” she stepped out of the elevator.

“Okay, fine, I will send you kilishi from Yahuza Suya Spot.”

Her mouth watered, “What else?”

“Long throat.”

“If I hear…”

“Oliver Twist.”

“Back to sender.”

She heard him roar with laughter. She giggled and slow walked towards the navy blue Toyota Camry.

“I miss you.”

She exhaled loudly, “I miss you too.”

“Wish I could fly down to Lagos this evening.”

She sighed with longing. She would give anything to see him that day.

“Can’t wait to meet your parents and ask for your hand in marriage.”

She smiled, unlocked the car and climbed in. Her coursemates got into the car and shut the door.

“Can you call me back? I am about to drive.”

“Oh, okay. Later love.”

She hung up and threw the phone into the bag. She started the engine, checked the front and side mirror and navigated the vehicle out of the car park. She caught a glimpse of her gold ring and smiled


TORN (Chapter Forty-three)

Funmike drove home immediately after her last paper. She wasn’t feeling well. Some of her course-mates tried to convince her to stay back and attend the end of semester party, but, she wasn’t up to it. The stress of the examination period had gotten to her and she planned to stay indoors for the next few days and rest.

She was almost tempted to leave for Abuja and return once school resumed, but decided against it.

She noticed the fleet of cars in her father’s compound when she drove in. The heavy sound of music coming from the house indicated an ongoing party. It dawned on her that she might not be able to rest that evening till probably after midnight. She groaned inwardly and got out of the vehicle. She opened the boot and pulled out her luggages.

She marched towards the house, dragging the bags after her. She met Folake on her way to her bedroom. She was gorgeously dressed in a brown and gold french lace. The long fish tail skirt and short-sleeve blouse fitted her perfectly.


TORN (Chapter Forty-four)

“What are you doing here?” she eyed her sister with irritation.

“I live here. Remember?” she started to walk away.

She hissed and placed her hands on her curvy hips, “Just stay in your room, okay?”

She stopped and glanced back at her.

“Today is my introduction ceremony. Please stay out of sight.”

She stared back at her younger sister in astonishment. The twenty one year old in her 200 level in the university was getting married? Why didn’t anyone tell her? The thought that they didn’t want her present at the party disgusted her.

“Why are you just standing there? Go to your room!”

She knitted her brows in a frown. She didn’t like the way she was been spoken to. It was her parents’ fault. In order not to make a scene, she held her tongue, turned on her heels and strode off.

Once in the comfort of her bedroom, her safe haven, she dropped the bags on the blue and white tiled floor and headed straight to the bathroom. A warm bath might calm her fried nerves. She hoped.

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