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[Story] Torn (Based On A True Life Story) – Episode 45, 46 & 47

TORN (Chapter Forty-five)

She rolled on her side and squeezed her face. One side of her head was throbbing with a blinding ache. She took a deep breath, placed both hands on her head and sat up. She tried to swallow spittle, but, her mouth was unusually dry. She raised her head and looked around the room.

The bottle water on the bedside drawer was empty. She groaned and got down from the bed. Each step she made towards the door seemed to magnify the ache and the sharp twist she felt in her tummy accelerated her discomfort. She reached the door and turned the knob. It didn’t bulge.

She frowned. She didn’t lock the door. Why was it stiff?

She tried to open it again. It remained still. She bent her head and checked the knob. She discovered that the door had been locked on the otherside. She stood straight and frowned.

Who locked her up? Why was she locked up? What sort of games was the person playing?

A sharp pain pierced her tummy. She cried out, held her stomach and fell on her knees.

Oh God help me! 





“My love, are you home now?”

“Yes,” she drawled.

“Are you okay? You sound unwell.”

“I don’t know how I am feeling.”

“What’s going on?”

“I have a bad headache, my tummy is assualted by terrible cramps, my throat is patched, I can hardly move, I am losing strength,” she sobbed.

“Go to the hospital, fast!”

“I can’t.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I am locked in my own room. I don’t know where my keys are.”

“What the…”

“Dante, I don’t feel good.”

“Oh God! Who is home?”


“Call someone.”

“Their phones are switched off.”

“What’s really going on?”

“Today is my younger sister’s introduction ceremony.”

“My goodness! I am sure that they didn’t tell you.”

“They didn’t.”

“I am sure that one of them locked you up.”

“I think my younger sister is the culprit.”

“The little witch!”


“Sorry. I am freaking out right now. Who else can you call?”

A thought crossed her mind, “Our security guard.”


She hung up and dialed the guard’s number.



She noticed the security guard the instant he came to stand by the window.


“Yes aunty.”

“Were you able to speak to my dad?”

“No. Aunty Folake didn’t allow me to see oga. She said I will lose my job if I don’t return to my post.”

Her face turned red, “Didn’t you tell her that I wasn’t feeling fine?”

“I did. She said that you were lying.”

Her eyes smarted with tears. What was wrong with her sister? How was she going to get out?

The pain in her tummy multiplied. She groaned and limped towards the bed. She lay on her side and dialed Dante’s number.

“Hello, did they let you out?”

“The little witch sabotaged my plans.”

“I am at the airport. I will be in Lagos in the next three hours. Please hang in there. I am on my way love.”

Relief flooded her, “Okay, hurry,” she cut the call and wrapped her arms around her slim frame.

The heavy music coming from the sitting room shook the walls. It reignited the ache in her head with vengence. She placed a pillow over her head and began to cry.

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