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[Story] Torn (Based On A True Life Story) – Episode 48, 49 & 50


Ajibade and Jibike stood outside the house with their daughters. Their in-laws, friends and other guests had just taken their leave.

“Tell your husband that I have fined him for not coming,” Folake addressed her elder sister.

“Don’t worry, he will make it up to you,” Foluke winked at her.

The security guard approached them.

“Sir, there is someone here to see Aunty Funmike.”

Ajibade frowned, “Isn’t she in school?”

“No, sir. She came home this evening.”

“Oh my God!” Jibike panicked, “Hope none of the guests saw her,” she turned to her husband.

“No cause for alarm mum. I saw her when she arrived and locked her up in her room,” Folake winked at her mother.

“Wicked,” Foluke tapped her on the shoulder.

“In this case, wicked is good,” Folake winked at her.

They both bursted out in laughter.

“Let the visitor in,” Ajibade said to the guard.

“Yes, sir,” he hurried away.

“Folake get your sister,” Jibike faced her youngest daughter.

“Yes, mother,” she took her time and cat-walked into the house.



Ajibade and Jibike exchanged glances when they saw the tall, dark, broad shouldered handsome young man in a white long-sleeve shirt, black jeans and black leather shoes, approaching them with majestic strides.

Foluke stared at him, akimbo. Where did her sister find the Adonis? Assuming she wasn’t married, she would have made him hers. She turned green with envy.

“Good evening sir, ma.”

“Evening,” they chorused. Their curious gaze regarded him.

“I am Dantenimu, the son of Yaro Sheu Danjuma.”

“Nice Baby Limited CEO?” his eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Yes, sir.”

“I know your father. He is a very calculative business man.”

Jibike felt elated that her daughter knew the son of a very wealthy business magnet.

“You are welcome. Let’s go in,” Ajibade led the way in.

“Thank you sir,” he walked behind the couple and noticed a tall dark skinned lady who looked like Funmike’s father.

The way she stared at him reminded him of the look the lioness gave her prey before giving it a chase.



Folake hurried down the hall. She found her parents and sister in the company of a handsome stranger.

“Where is Funmike?” Jibike glanced at her.

She halted and stared back at her in fear.

“Where is your sister?” her father frowned.

She swallowed hard and met his questioning gaze, “She is not breathing,” she whispered.

Four pairs of eyes drilled an invincible hole in her head.

“I… I called her, she didn’t respond. I shook her, but, she didn’t move. I am not sure she is breathing,” she looked back at her parents. What if Funmike had been telling the truth about her health? She wished she had listened to the guard.

“Funmike ooo!” Jibike placed her hands on her head and ran towards her daughter’s room.

Ajibade and Foluke ran after her.

Panic paralyzed Dantenimu briefly. The last time he spoke with his love, he was about getting into a cab. The last time he called her, she didn’t pick his call.

He directed his gaze at Folake. She was trembling. He was gut sure that she was the little witch.

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