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[Story] Torn (Based On A True Life Story) – Episode 51, 52 & 53


The elderly couple sat on the long bench outside the emergency room, awaiting feedback from the doctor.

Ajibade couldn’t erase the images that tortured his enraged mind. They found Funmike lying on her bed like a log of wood that night.

Every attempt to wake her up was unprofitable. What in the world made Folake to lock her up? He glanced at her and found her seated at a corner, her head in her hands.

Jibike crossed her arms and seethed. She glared at her youngest daughter. She didn’t understand why Folake thought her sister was lying about her health. She could have pleaded with Funmike to stay in her room until the party was over. Locking her up was the height of malicious intent.

Foluke noticed the way her parents were staring at Folake. She pited her. Under the same circumstance, she would have done exactly the same thing. It was so unfortunate that Funmike wasn’t feeling fine.

Their parents would definitely tongue-lash Folake. That was something they all tried to avoid as often as possible. 


Dantenimu stood outside the emergency room. Several thoughts ran through his mind. He blamed Funmike’s family for her present condition. She was the love of his life. How he wish he could take her place. He would trade his life for hers without thinking twice.

A female doctor came out of the emergency room and turned to the couple.

“We found toxins in her system. We flushed it out, but, she is still unconscious. You brought her here rather too late.”

Jibike jumped to her feet, “Please tell me that my baby will be okay,” tears gathered in her eyes.

“We will do our best ma, but, you need to pray,” the doctor returned to the emergency room.

She turned to her husband and collasped in his arms. Foluke and Folake held gazes. It dawned on them that their sister was in a critical condition.

Dantenimu faced Funmike’s family, “We need to pray.”

They looked up at him.

“We need a miracle, it is only God that can save her now.”

“Let’s pray,” Ajibade held his wife’s hand and beckoned at his daughters.



Funmike opened her eyes and saw her fiance seated on a chair beside the hospital bed.

“Hey you,” he got up and stood by her side.

“Dante,” she whispered.

“Welcome back to earth.”

“How long… have I… been here?”

“Three days.”

Her surprised gaze captured his happy face.

“You scared us all. Even the doctor thought we might lose you.”

“You ain’t getting rid of me that easily.”

He started to laugh.

Ajibade and Jibike came in looking tired and worn out. They stood at the edge of the bed feeling grateful to God for answering their prayers.

“How are you feeling?” her mother smiled at her.

“I feel light,” she responded.

“The cook will be here soon. You will feel better once you have eaten,” her father assured her.

Foluke and Folake came in together. They approached the bed and settled at the edge.

Funmike turned to look at them. Worry-lines decorated their faces. She felt pleased that her family were at her side in her weak state. She believed that somewhere deep in their hearts, they cared.

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