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[Story] Wrong Number Season 2 Episode 1 & Episode 2

*Episode 1*

He called on Saturday morning and ask if I

was at home, of course I’m at home it’s a

Saturday. Some hours later he showed up at

my place.

He apologized for not calling or visiting, he

talked about the good times we shared, he

talked about me having a lovely family and

me having a good heart and all that.

And at the end of the whole epistles he said

and I quote “Pamilerin I think we need a


“A break? Then you must think I’m blind,

stupid and gullible. Tunde you and I know we

don’t need a break, you don’t need to fool

me, I wasn’t born yesterday.

You know exactly what we need and please

don’t make me say it for you because I won’t

forgive you if you make me say it for you”

“Pamilerin! I love you, but im not just feeling

the vibe anymore, Love is not enough you

know” he said with Pleading.

“Please cut to the chase and spare me the

lectures” I said sternly.

“Ehm actually, things are no longer working

out between us, what I really mean is that…we

should….end the relationship” he said

I knew already that the relationship is over I

just want him to say whatever he has to say

and leave me for good, I was that tired.

“Fine, the relationship has ended before now,

all this is just formalities. I wish you all the


He was shocked at my words. I’m sure he

didn’t expect that, he thought I’ll be crying or

something or maybe he thought I’ll beg him

not to leave, it’s written all over his face that

he was shocked at the way I reacted to the


I’ve cried my eyes dried before now and I

already let go since.

He apologized for not coming out straight in

the first place and with that we ended it.

In the evening, I went to my parent’s

bedroom, and explained everything to them.

“Pamilerin, so you two have been having

issues all this while and you never mentioned

it? My Mom asked sounding worried.

“Mummy, I was trying to give him time, I

thought things will get back to normal”

“So where did he expect you to start from

now, ehn!” she lamented

“Eh! Woman, what will your Lamentation solve

now. You should even thank God that we

discover his true identity early” My Daddy

said firmly.

“I thank God oooo, broken relationship is

better than a broken marriage. Who would

have thought that, that boy would change like

that” My mom said putting her two palms


“Daniella! My daddy called out as he fondly

calls me.

“Sir” I replied

“Every disappointment is a blessing, and if

one door closes another will open. So please

try as much as possible to move on with your


“Yes sir, thank you sir”

“Jo oko mi ma ronu o” (myndaughter, please

don’t brood about it)This is just a sign that

Tunde is not yours. Please be strong, ehn!”

Mummy added.

“ Mo ti gbo ma” (I’ve heard you ma) I replied.

I knelt down and thanked them.

“Good night sir/ma”

“Good night” they chorused.

I told my siblings were still in the sitting

room, I broke the news to them too. There’s

no point calling any friend, they’ll find out

sooner or later.

I called my cousin, Joy. She’s preparing for

her wedding with the same guy that got her

pregnant when we were still in school. At

least there are still few loyal ones out there. I

guessed I wasn’t lucky with mine.

“Hello Joy”

“Dear cousin, what’s up”

“Joy, Tunde broke up with me, he’s seeing

someone else”

“It’s a lie, tell me you are joking. After all this


“I’m not joking” I took my time and explained

everything to her.

“That’s his lose my dear, just take heart, I

believe God will provide someone far far

better than him”

“Amen, thanks.

“Please don’t kill yourself over one stupid son

of Adam o”

“Me! Never. My sister how’s the wedding

preparation going?” I asked brushing my own

issue aside.

“Leave that for now, Let’s focus on you now”

“Joy…. There’s nothing to focus, Let’s just

say that’s how God want it.

She told me about the latest plan on ground,

before i ended the call.

I prayed that night thanking God for giving me

the strength to handle it, while I was praying

few drops of tears left my eyes, but trust me I

wasn’t down or broken.

I told myself “Isaac Oluwapamilerin Daniella

the sun will shine again”. With that, I slept off.

*Episode 2*

#When someone hurts you, you learn to be

stronger…..When someone leaves you, you

learn to be independent #


After my break up with Tunde, I kept myself

busy with work and Church activities. I don’t

party or club but I make sure I use my free

time to engage myself in things that makes

me happy. I fed my soul with good music.

Yes music is food for the soul.

Sincerely I enjoyed my single status, I was

free, I don’t owe anyone any explanation for

my life, I do things my way and I buy less

recharge card. I know how much I spend on

recharge cards when I was dating.

My Parents were very happy because I was

happy. My Daddy called me once and told me

“I never knew you are this strong, I’m proud

of you”

He actually said this after My cousin’s

wedding. My cousin got married to her Price

charming, her wedding was awesome. I was

there for her all through.

I just told him “Daddy, the Joy of the Lord is

my strength.

What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger.


Five months later, I was in my room relaxing

after doing my chores. I was about to see a

movie on my laptop when I heard my phone

ring, I looked around for my phone then I

noticed the sound is coming from the


I remembered I left it there when I washing.

My Mom always warn me not to take my

phone to the bathroom, but I love listening to

music when washing or doing other chores.

In my Mummy’s voice “The day that phone

will drop inside water, ehn. Thank God you

are working, you know how easy it is to earn


I rushed into the bathroom to pick my phone.

I checked the caller Id it was an international

number, I was wondering who it was,

although I have few friends abroad, but we

only communicate via social media platforms,

we rarely talk on phone.


“Hello” I replied, please who is this?

“This is Daniel on the line calling from

America, please I’d like to speak with Mr

Paul” he said in American accent.

“Sorry, this is a wrong number” I informed


“Wrong number? He said from the other end.

Please hold on while I checked the number



“I just rechecked this is the number I was

given” he said

“Well, I’m sorry this is my line and obviously

I’m not Mr Paul”

I expected him to end the call but he did not,

I suspected he’s some how disappointed.

“Oh…my… goodness” he said stressing each


Any problem” I asked just feeling concerned.

“I’m coming to Nigeria on a business trip

tomorrow and he’s suppose to help me settle

down and show me around. Mr Paul is a

cousin to a friend of mine whom I can’t even

reach right now. He’s busy with his project

somewhere in East Africa and I can’t reach

him over there too” he explained.

“Sorry about that, I said. Do you know his

email address, if you do then you can mail


“Yes I have sent numerous mails to him, I

called this line because he did not reply any

of my mails”

“Ok let’s try it this way, use his email

address to search for him on facebook, then

maybe you can be lucky to get his mobile no

or other information about him on facebook” I


“You are a life saver, you know I never

thought of that,I was so anxious to get

through to him, I couldn’t think straight. That

was a good suggestion, thanks for your time.

Despite the fact that I’m a stranger, you still

took your time to find me a solution. Thanks I

appreciate it. What’s the name” he asked

“Pamilerin, but if you can’t pronounce that

you can call me Daniella”

Of course I can, I’m Nigerian and I’m yoruba

but I’ll prefer Daniella since my name is

Daniel” he said jokingly. Thanks for your


“You are welcome”

Thanks once again and have a great weekend.

“You too, bye” I replied, then the line went off.

To be continued….

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