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[Story] Wrong Number Season 2 Episode 3 & Episode 4

Episode 3*

Daniel called on Friday evening, I told him our

meeting place, he said Mr Paul will bring him.

“See you tomorrow then” I said

“Good night Miss Daniella”

“Good night Mr Daniel”

I woke up on Saturday morning and I realized

my mind was at ease. I checked my wardrobe

and I pick a simple royal blue gown. Took my

bath, dressed up with silver accessories to

match. I styled my hair and wore little make

up. I think I’m good to go” I said checking

out myself in front of the mirror.

I just told my Mum that I want to see a friend,

but I explained everything to my younger

sister and with this I left the house.

When I got to the restaurant I called him and

he said he was already there so I went in still

talking to him on phone so that I could easily

locate him. He got the idea and waved when

he saw me on phone. I moved towards his

table. Another man was with him, I guessed

he’s Mr Paul.

“Miss Daniella! He said and smiled

“Mr Daniel!” I said and smiled back.

“Meet Mr Paul”

“I thought as much” I said and exchanged

greetings with him.

“Let me take my leave now. I have a friend

around here, I want to cease this opportunity

to check on him” Mr Paul explained.

“Alright then”

“Give me a call when you are through” he

said to Daniel and left.

He pulled out a sit for me. I sat opposite him.

“Wow! He exclaimed. A good heart with a

beautiful face. I was sure I’m gonna meet a

beautiful lady but I never knew you’re going

to be this beautiful.

“Mr Daniel!”

“I’m sorry for over reacting, he pleaded. But

you are breathtakingly beautiful”

“Thanks for the compliment “ I said with a


We placed our orders and we started chatting.

I scanned him why we were eating, he’s

handsome and indeed looked like someone

who lived in the state, fresh skin, nice nails,

lovely hair cut. He looks perfect.

“Tell me about you” he said

I told him everything I think he should know about me.

“A beautiful lady like you will definitely be in a

relationship, I envy the lucky guy I must


“A handsome man like you will definitely be in

a relationship too” I countered

“Oh! Smart move! I can see you are very

smart Miss”

I smiled and sipped my drink.

“Don’t you want to know anything about me?”

he asked

“I’m all ears if you want to tell me about


“Alright, I’ll tell you. Like I said earlier, I’m a

Nigerian, I’m Yoruba, Ekiti state to be

premised but I was born and raised in the US.

My Parents and my sibling are also in the state.

My name is Daniel Ayomiposi Johnson.

I work in an IT company in America. But I’ve

always wanted to come back home. A friend

of mine in the State introduced me to some of

his client here in Nigeria. Now I’m here to

start my own IT firm fully.

Mr Paul is my friend’s cousin who shows me

around here since I don’t have family

members or friends here. He runs an IT firm.

My extended family members are in Ekiti.

As for my relationship status, my girlfriend

broke up with me, when I told her about my

plans of coming back to Nigeria. Although

she’s Nigerian but she said she can’t leave

the state” He stated.

“I can’t really blame her, she can’t just leave

her life over there and follow you down here” I


“Don’t you feel If she really loves me as she

claims, she will come with me?”

“She may have her reasons, it’s her life and

the report people in abroad gets from here is

not that encouraging, so don’t blame her”

“Even if I want to change my mind about

staying, I think meeting you won’t let me

change my mind” he said with a straight face.

“You can’t say that, we barely know each


“I’m serious, if I have someone like you here,

then I’m good”

“Hmm. Do you understand yoruba language at


“I understand Yoruba and I speak it as well,

although not fluently”


“Yeah! My paternal grandma lived with us for

25years, so she made us speak our language.

She passed away Five years ago”

“Wow, she did a great job! May her soul rest

in peace.

“Amen, thanks” he said and sipped his


“Tell me about the lucky guy” he said.

“There’s nothing to tell”

“I just want to know, but you can choose not

to answer that”

“I’m not in a relationship” I opened up.

“I should not have believed that but I have a

feeling that you are saying the truth”

I explained everything about my ex boyfriend

to him.

“You know what, some people don’t know the

worth of what they have until they loose. I’m


“I’m over him, I’ve moved on” I said and we

continued with our chat.

He asked for my username on Facebook, he

sent me a friend request right there and I

accepted his friend’s request.

He was fun to be with, very jovial, I spend like

two hours with him.

“I think we should call it a day, your hotel is

on the Island and I’m sure you wouldn’t like

to be stuck in traffic” I said

He agreed with me and called Mr Paul’s

number, he said he’s not too far away from

the eatery. 15minutes later, Mr Paul showed


Daniel offered to drop me off but I turned

down his offer since my house is not too far

from the restaurant.

I got home and called him, hoping they’ll

won’t be stuck in traffic.


“Hello, are you home?” he asked

“Yes I’m home”

“Good, we are still on the road, you are right,

traffic here is terrible”

“Welcome to Lagos” I said jokingly.

“Sure, I’ll survive. Anyway I’ll let you know

when I get to my hotel”

“Alright, my regards to Mr Paul”

“Ok, Later”

Two hours later, he called and told me he’s

now at the hotel and Mr Paul has left for his

house. He also thanked me for hanging out

with him.

*Episode 4*

Days later, I got a call from him.

“You know I’m travelling next weekend and I

really wish we could meet one more time

before I leave” he said

“Is that really necessary, we can talk on

phone” I said

“Daniella, I really had a nice time the other

day can you please oblige me?”

“I told you I’m always busy during the week,

there’s no way I can meet up with you”

“Are you saying I won’t get to see you before


“When exactly are you leaving?”

“On Saturday”

“Ok, let’s do it this way, we could meet on

Saturday at the Airport and keep you company

until your flight is ready to take off”

“That idea is not bad, I’m happy you’ll be the

last person I’ll see before I leave but I would

have loved it if we meet before then” he said.

“Sorry about that”

“Promise me you’ll find time to chat with me

everyday online before saturday”


“Good, thanks”

“We’ll see on Saturday”

“Saturday it is then, good night and sleep


“Good night” I said and the line went off.


Seriously, I don’t trust all this America based

Nigerian guys, some just come down to

Nigeria and trick girls, some will even claim

single when they are happily married with

kids over there. But there’s something about

Daniel that seems different. He sounds honest,

sincere and I think he’s transparent. You can

read him like a book. I feel safe with him as a


During the week, we chatted online, I don’t

know why but I feel free with him, we talked

about so many things via chat. He also made

it a point of duty to call everyday during the week.

On Saturday, I left my house for Muritala

Mohammed Airport. I called him when I got

there and he told me where to meet him.

He was so happy when he saw me, Mr Paul

was with him too. He hugged me, I greeted

Mr Paul when he released me.

“Looking beautiful as ever”

“Thanks, you are not looking bad yourself” I

said shyly

We sat at the departure, Mr Paul got us some

light refreshments.

“I’m coming back next month by God’s

grace” he said

“Are you coming back finally” I asked

“Yes, my IT company is kicking off next

month, we’ve succeeded in putting everything

in place, thanks to God and off course Mr Paul

has been of great help”

“That’s nice, I’m happy for you. Thank you

Mr Paul” I said facing him.

“Thank God, I’m glad everything turned out

well too”

I got to know that Mr Paul owns one of the

most prominent IT firm in Lagos

“Daniella! I already told Mr Paul to get me an

accommodation before I come back so I

won’t have to stay in the hotel when I return”

Daniel explained.

“That’s good, you already have everything

planned out” I said.

We all continue chatting, Mr Paul asked for

my number and we both exchanged numbers.

He also gave me his complimentary card.

By 7pm, the public address system

announced his flight.

“I guess it’s goodbye” I said

“Yes, and I’m going to miss you and Mr Paul.

You guys really made my stay in Nigeria


“I think you’ll miss Mr Paul more, since you

are always together since you came to

Nigeria. This is my second time of setting my

eyes on you “ I said

“You think so, I don’t feel like we just met, I

felt like I’ve known you since forever” Daniel


“Really! If that’s the case don’t miss me too

much then” I said playfully.

“I’ll try not to, he said holding my cheek

gently with his hands”

“It’s time to go” Mr Paul announced

“Mr Paul can you please help me take her

home” Daniel requested.

“Sure I will” Mr Paul replied him.

Daniel hugged me and whispered slowly into

my ears “I will be back”

“I’ll be expecting you” I whispered into his

ears too.

To be continued…… 

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