[Story] Wrong Number Season 3 Episode 1

This…. is ….beautiful, I… love it” he said with


“Thank God” I said to myself and sighed


“ I can’t believe you guys put all this in place

within a week” he said why checking the

rooms out.

“Nothing is impossible, once there is money

on ground, although the interior decorator was

good at what she does, she made things

easier for us” Mr Paul explained.

“This is so sweet, lovely and homely” he said

facing me.

“I’m glad you liked it”

“Thank you” he mouthed.

I already bought some food stuff on our way

to the airport. He already told me he loves

Nigerian dishes. I went to the kitchen and

prepared Semo and egusi with vegetable


An hour and half later I was done and dished

the food. They were surprised when I called

them to the dinning. We all ate and Daniel

eyes was on me through out.

“This is what a good food should taste like, I

think Lizzy we’ll have to come and learn from

you” Mr Paul said jokingly

“Who’s Lizzy” Daniel asked

“Mr Paul’s fiancée” I replied him.

I noticed he sighed, like a sign of relief, and I

wondered why he sighed.

“Really, how’d love to meet her”

“Me too” I said.

“Don’t worry you’ll meet her, she’s longing to

meet you both. I’ll arrange that later”

“Seriously this meal is delicious, I can’t

remember the last time I tasted home made

food. I wish I would get to eat more of this”

Daniel said

“That means you’ll need a cook or better still

a wife. I only prepared this to welcome you

home” I said while clearing the dishes.

“Mmm!” Daniel exclaimed.

“What?” I asked

“Nothing” he said shaking his head.

“I think its not a bad idea, if you can still fill

in the gap before the so called wife show up”

“Mr Paul!” I called out giving him a wicked


“I’m just saying “ Mr Paul said raising his

hands up.

“Paul let her be, I’ll get a great cook, I’m sure

you can help me with that” he said teasingly.

“Of course, I have the finest chef on my finger

tips” he said and they both laughed.

“Whatever” I said and packed the dishes to

the kitchen.

I was still washing the plates, when Daniel

joined me in the kitchen. He offered to help

but I declined. I told him he should just go

and rest.

“I noticed you and Paul are now very close”

he said.

“Yes we are, you know we worked hand in

hand while you are away just to put all these

together” I gestured with my hand.

He kept silence for awhile while watching me

clean up the kitchen.

“I’m glad he’s engaged” he said

“Who?” I asked

“Your Mr Paul” he replied

“Is that while he sighed when Mr Paul

mentioned his fiancée” I thought

“Really! My Mr Paul!”

He just smiled and walked out of the kitchen

without giving me a reply.

“I think Mr Paul is right, this guy is up to

something” I thought

I joined them in the living room later, we

chatted for a while, he gave both I and Mr

Paul what he brought for us from the states. I

thanked him.

“I want to use the restroom” Mr Paul said and

excused himself.

“When next will I see you” Daniel said

immediately Mr Paul left the sitting room.

“Next week”

“That’s too far, this your work is taking much

of your time. It’s just that I don’t like couples

working together in the same place, I would

have employed you”

“Couples!” I thought. I pretended as if I didn’t

hear him.

He was surprised at what he said too, it was

a slip of tongue I guessed. He tried to figure

out if I heard him but trust me I made sure

my face was blank. There was no expression

on my face to read.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth

speaketh. So says the scripture” I thought.

Mr Paul was back before he could say


I checked the time it was few minutes past

5pm, I told them I’m leaving. Daniel

suggested they take me home, but I declined.

I advice him to rest. Mr Paul already offered

to spend the night with him, just to keep him

company. And I liked the idea.

They drove me to the park outside the estate

where I took a cab to my house. Daniel paid

the cab man.

He called when I got home, but he didn’t

mentioned anything about the “couples”

statement he made earlier.

I thought about it for a while on my bed that

night. “Maybe he’s actually interested in me,

maybe he had finally ended things with his

American girlfriend” I thought. I said my

prayers and slept off.

To be continued…. 

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