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[Story] Wrong Number Season 3 Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5

*Episode 3*

Daniel insisted I come visit him at his office. I went

on a Friday since we close early, I had to fix

another day for my private coaching.

The receptionist directed me to his office.

The staff are all busy in their cubicles. Most of

them have their eyes and hands glued to their


I met his secretary, she’s young and beautiful, all

smiling, I had no choice than to compliment her. I

told her I want to see her boss. She asked for my

name, I told her and she just told me to go in that

he was expecting me.

I entered into his office, he stood up immediately

he saw me and hugged me, he ushered me to sit

on the sofa. There’s a center table in front of the

sofa. I saw some packs of food on the table. He

joined me on the sofa.

He told me he already got us lunch. There were

two packs, he placed one of the pack in a small

tray and put a pack of juice beside it and handed it

to me.

We ate and chatted at the same time. After eating,

he cleared the packs and disposed the packs in a

waste bin in his office.

He checked his wrist watch, then called his

secretary on the intercom, he told her she can

leave since it’s already 5pm. I told him I’ll be

leaving soon but he asked me to stay for another

hour since he won’t see me the next day, and that

was because I have a wedding to attend the next


He was busy giving me gist about some things

going on his company, then his phone rang, he

told me it was her younger sister, Sharon calling

before he picked the call.

He told her his friend is around, I heard him

mention my name. He gave me the phone, he said

his sister wants to speak with me.

I took the phone and we exchanged greetings, she

thanked me for everything I did for his brother, she

told me she missed Daniel, that she had no choice

than to come visit him in Nigeria. I gave the phone

back to him.

An hour later we left the office. He wanted to take

me home, but he’s not yet familiar with the route.

He called his company driver who drove us to my


Both of us alighted when we got to my house, he

followed me in to say hi to my folks. He met my

mum and one of my siblings. My dad is not yet

back. I introduced him as a friend.

He left almost immediately, I saw him off to the

gate. He entered into the car, he thanked me for

the visit, I also thanked the driver too and bade

them good night.


Weeks later, I got a call from Mr Paul, he said he’s

at the hospital with Daniel.

*Episode 4*

Three months after Daniel came back to Nigeria. I

went to his place on a particular weekend to pay

him a visit. I never knew he could cook, he

cooked for me and I enjoyed the food. I packed the

dishes from the dining to the kitchen, he tagged

along and we washed the dishes together.

“Daniella!” He called out.

“Yes” I answered while arranging the plates into

the plate racks.

“I’d like us to step up our friendship” he said.

“Step up our friendship! How?” I asked

“Daniella, I like you so much you know I really do

and we really connected well. And I already know

you are not in any relationship. Can you please

give us a chance and let’s see how things go from


I just stood there, starring at him.

“Daniella say something”

“I can’t date you”


“I don’t like you”

“You are joking right?”

“No I’m not” I said sternly


“I’m in” I said smiling

“Thank you” he said. He hugged me and kissed

me on the forehead.

“One more thing, Daniella, I don’t believe in pre-

marital sex. I don’t know if you share my view” he


“It’s a lie, I can’t believe my ears, did I hear him

right” I thought.

“Did I hear you right?”

“What is it, don’t….

“I can’t believe this is coming from a guy who

lived all his life in America” I interrupted him.

“Lets just say my grandma raised me well. She

thought me the ways of God and groomed me to

be a man that i am today”

“You and your ex girlfriend never got physical?”

“Yes, she’s celebrate, although hers is not for

religious reasons” he explained

“I finally got what I ever wanted, a guy that won’t

pressure me into having se.x” I thought.

“Seriously I’m still surprised” I voiced out.

“Really, sex is not love, if sex is love then

prostitutes will be in love with all their clients”

“Hmm! I’ve made quite a number of mistakes in

the past and you’ve given me the opportunity to

make things right again. So I’m game”


“Thanks Daniel, God bless the day I met you”

“Meaning we are officially dating right?”

“Yes we are” I replied and we hugged each other.

“I wished I’ve met this kind of guy earlier, maybe I

will still be a virgin by now. But there are some

things we can’t take back” I thought.

*Episode 5*

Some weeks later, Mr Paul and I were at

Daniel’s house. We were all chatting, gisting

and laughing while I and Daniel were doing a

little lovey dovey.

“I’m I missing something here?” Mr Paul

faced the two of us asking nobody in


“We are now dating” Daniel informed

“Wow! At last, I wondered what took you guys

so long” he said and congratulated us.

“Thank you” we both chorused.

“I think I should be on my way now, so I can

give you guys some time alone” he said.

“No you don’t have to go, we don’t need any

time alone” I said

“I never intend to stay long before. I think we

should all have a dinner together, now that

you two are now an item. My fiancée will tag

along as well”

“Good idea, we are in” Daniel jumped at the


“Lets make it next weekend then”

“Next weekend is fine. Daniella is it ok by

you” Daniel asked me

“Yes, it’s OK, I should be free next weekend, I

really want to meet Mr Paul’s fiancé too” I


“Next week it is then, good bye. You guys

should have fun and please Daniella enough of

this Mr Paul”

“I’ll try, because I’m already used to calling

you Mr Paul”

“Please try” He said

“And please Mr…. Sorry Paul, hope you still

have me in mind, you promise to get me a

job” I reminded him.

“That’s not my fault o, Daniel doesn’t want

you to work for anybody”

“So you guys have been talking behind my

back, right”

“Don’t make it sound like we are gossiping”

Mr Paul replied

“Men discuss, we don’t gossip” Daniel added.

“Whatever, Mr Daniel! do you have another job

for me” I asked him.

“So I’m the Mr now!”

“Just answer my question” I hitted him


“Relax, I’m still thinking, I’ll come up with


“Mr…sorry, Paul did you hear that?

He will fix it, don’t worry. See you guys next

week” Paul stood up and adjusted his shirt.

We saw him off to the parking lot. The

gateman opened the gate for him and he

zoomed out.

To be continued…

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