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[Story] Wrong Number Season 4 Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 & Episode 5

Episode 1

#Every Saint had a past and every Sinner has a

Future #


I sat down besides him and he portioned the

pounded yam into two. We started eating quietly.

“Your ex boyfriend came to the office some days


“He did what!” I exclaimed almost throwing out the

lump of pounded yam in my mouth”

“He actually came to gave me a warning”

“What warning?”

“To leave her girlfriend alone of course”

“Tunde has finally gone crazy, who is his


“He told me about the abortion too and I told him

that’s a stale news”

“God!” I said with my head bowed.

“Its okay, that’s bygone now”

“I’m sorry for the embarrassment, hope he didn’t

make a scene at the office?”

“He tried to, but I was quick to call the securities

on him”

“I’m so sorry”

“Daniella, I was angry not just because of the

abortion but because you couldn’t trust me enough

to tell me”

“I was planning to tell you before He even show

up, but it was just hard for me to say”

“Daniella, you should thank your star that you are

smart enough to tell me before that guy, cos if that

guy approached me first, then it’s over between


“Do you mean that?”

“Yes, I mean it.That’s why I told you to tell me if

there’s anything I need to know”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I promise to always be

transparent. So are we good now?”

“No we are not, you’ll have to make me dinner

with this delicious egusi soup before you leave” he

said smiling.

“So this pounding of yam is one of my punishment


“Yes or do you want me to increase the


“Daniel thank you for accepting me for who I am”

“Baby! You already know I love you, It’s your past

and I can’t dwell on it. We have a whole future

ahead of us”

“I love you sweetheart and I promise not to

disappoint you again” I couldn’t help but cry he

was just too sweet.

“I love you more, don’t cry we are good now” He


“This is our first fight, right?”

“Yes” I nodded

“Huh! It wasn’t good, you took my heart away with

you the day you left my office”

“Same here, I thought I won’t survive it” I said

“So no more fight, whatever issues we have we’ll

trash it out immediately, hun!”

“Noted”i smiled

“In sere o! thank you for the delicious meal” he


“Did you just speak in Ekiti, Mr! you are

unbelievable” I said surprisingly

“I understand little” he said smiling.

“Your grandma? I guess”


I cleared the dishes, this time he joined me in the


We went back to the sitting room, we started

talking, he told me everything that happened

during the week. He got another contract from a

multinational company in Lagos.

I also gave him the gist about Tunde and his

girlfriend who absconded with his money.

“Dance with me” he said and pulled me up.

“Sure” I said smiling.

He reduced the volume of the TV and played a

track by Ed sheeran- Thinking out Loud on his

sound system.

He held me in his arms as we dance slowly to the

rhythm of the song.

(Music playing)

….And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in

mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am

So, honey, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

But maybe we found love right where we are

Oh, baby, we found love right where we are……

He kissed me passionately, I kissed him back in

tears. Finally I found love” I said to myself.

“I love you from the very first day I heard your

voice” he said and wipe my tears with his palm”

he said

“I love you from the very first day I set my eyes on

you” I confessed.

And that is the truth, I bottled it up all this while.

Yes, I fell in love with him the very day I laid my

eyes on him.

*Episode 2*

Tunde called the next day and this time I proudly

picked the call.

“What do you want from me again, at least you’ve

accomplished your blackmail mission , or you

want to found out how things turned out?”

“Smart girl! So you went ahead to tell him before I

do right”

“Well Tunde the good news is that, God did not

allow your plans to work, he forgave him”

“Keep on deceiving yourself, you think he forgave

you right, he will soon shock you, is he not a


“Of course he’s not an amaphrodite, he’s a man,

an honorable one at that, he is not like you, kill

joy” I spat.

“Well, I know he’ll soon drop your sorry ass, I’ll

be waiting”

“I pray you won’t die waiting, anyways all the best

and don’t you dare call my line again, if you do, I’ll

make sure I have you arrested. Good day” I said

and hang up on him.

****(Months later)

Lizzy and I are very close now, the wedding

preparations brought us closer, she involved me in

most of her wedding plans, despite my busy

schedules I make sure I find time to attend to her

whenever she needs me.

Paul was very happy when he realized how close I

was to Lizzy, I don’t know why but he loved it

whenever he hears I’m with her. Lizzy is a very

sweet person too, so I love been around her.

I now spend most of my weekends with her and

my Beau has started complaining because we

hardly see each other except when the four of us

are hanging out together.

I later came up with a plan, I go to his office on

Fridays after school and I go to Lizzy’s place on

Saturdays because we spend most time in Eko

idumota just to get more aso ebi since it’s on a

higher demand.

2weeks to the wedding, Lizzy called and told me

she wants to do some personal shopping, that I

should please assist her. We went to the shopping

mall and shopped. She suggested we stop by a

restaurant and eat, since we are tired and


We settled down and started eating. Someone

called her, she received the call and after she

ended the call, I noticed she was quiet and looked

sad at the same time.

“Lizzy, what’s wrong, why the sudden mood


“It’s nothing” she gave me a fake smile.

“Something is wrong, who called?”

“My mum”

“You shouldn’t be sad when you receive a call

from your mum, so tell me what’s going on


“I’m sorry but, it’s something about me I don’t

want to talk about”

“I hope it’s not a secret?”

“It is, I know we are now friends but can I trust


“Yes you can, your secret is safe with me” I

assured her.

“I have a son, I had him when I was in secondary


“Having a Child is not a disease, so why are you

feeling bad about it…Hold on Paul did not know

about it?”

“Yes, he doesn’t”

“Jesus…..Christ! and you are getting married to

him in two weeks time!”

*Episode 3*

“My mom has been pestering me to tell him the

truth and that’s why she called again, that i need

to tell him”

“Lizzy, she’s right, what if he finds out after

marriage, what do you think will happen. Have you

thought about it? Or you think he’ll never find out?

There is no secret under heaven my dear, the best

thing is too open up”

“I can’t, he won’t marry me, I’ve had him saying it

a couple of times that he can’t marry someone

who has a Child”

“You can’t be so sure, he might not mean it that

way. Do you know I almost loose my relationship

because of something similar to this,” I

summarized my own experience.

“Really, you mean all this happened between you

and Daniel?”

“My saving grace was that he heard it first from

me and not from an outsider”

“ Daniella, I don’t know what to do”

“Can you trust me and let me handle it?”

“Yes” she nodded.

I took my phone from my bag and placed a call.

“Hi Sweetheart”

“Hi babe, how’s the shopping going?”

“We are through with the shopping, we are coming

over to your place”

“When did you plan that”

“Just now, it’s urgent we have to see you”


“I and Lizzy”

“Hope all is well?”

“All is well. I’ll see you soon, bye” I said and

ended the call.

“Did you just call Daniel?” Lizzy asked

“That’s the only person who can help us out, you

know how well your fiancé placed him so lets

make use of the person he would listen to”

“I know Paul respect him, but are you sure this

plan will work out?”

Let’s be positive Lizzy and let’s commit Paul’s

heart into God hands, the bible says the heart of

chiefs are in God’s hands and he turns it as the

course of water. I’m sure God will intervene.

Lizzy sighed “Daniella I’m scared”

“I’m scared too because I know Daniel won’t take

it lightly, but he’s the only option we’ve got”

Lizzy drove down to the island, 45mins later, we

were in Daniel’s place.

He opened the door for us, he hugged us one after

the other as we stepped in.

“What can I offer you” he asked

“We are OK, we ate not quite long” I replied him.

“So what’s the urgent matter that brought you

here” he asked

I and Lizzy exchanged glances. She signaled to me

to do the talking.

I coughed out “Erm… erm..Li…zzy…

“This must be serious. My girlfriend now

stammer!” Daniel said standing akimbo.

I gathered all the strength in me to spill it.

“Lizzy has a child and Paul did not know about it”

I said with my eyes closed.

“What!” He screamed. You guys are joking right”

“Daniel, I have a son” Lizzy said with her face


“Lizzy! you dated a guy for good two years and

hide something this big from him”

“I never mean to hide it from him initially but I got

to know from him that he can’t marry a single


“Still, you should have told him, it’s up to him to

decide if he wants to continue with the relationship

or not”

“What do we do now?” I asked him.

“Sincerely, I don’t know what to do, do you have

anything in mind?” he asked me.

“Em.. my own plan is that, you should help us talk


“Excuse me, what did you just say. No way will I

go to him and tell him such a thing”

“Daniel please….” I was trying to plead with him

when he cut me off.

“Lizzy! He called out facing her. Do you want my

candid advice?”

“Yes” she nodded.

“Where is your fiancé now?”

“He should be in his house”

“Good, then go to him right now and tell him

everything. I know it’s hard but you have to do it


“Daniel, I can’t I’m scared, what if he call off the

wedding” she said with fresh tears streaming from

her eyes

“Trust me it’s better he hears it from you”

“Daniel I cant do it alone” Lizzy pleased with him.

“I feel he will forgive her once you are involved. I


“I know he respected me and all that, but the fact

still remains that its not in my place to tell him. He

loves her and that should give her an edge in all

this. So Lizzy please do him the honors of telling

him yourself” he said calmly facing me.

He stood in front of Lizzy and held her shoulders.

“Hearing things like this from an outsider is

embarrassing, you’ll make him look like a fool,

imagined someone who thought he knows

everything about you now realized he knew

nothing about you but an outsider does!”

“Thank you very much Daniel, I’ll go now and tell

him everything” she said and stood up crying and

wiping the tears at the same time.

I stood up and hugged her. “ Thank you” she said

to me.

I really felt for her. “Can I go with her?”

“Woman!” Daniel shouted at me.

“I’m sorry” I apologized hurriedly.

Daniel gave me a wicked look.

I only said that out of pity, I can’t just watch her

go all by herself in that state.

“It’s ok, I will go alone” she said and carried her


“Call me later and let me know how thing went,

then I’ll know when to come in” Daniel said to her

as she was about to step out of the living room.

“OK, thanks”

“I’ll call you” I mouthed and gestured with my


For like ten minutes after she left we did not talk to

each other. He stood up from where he sat and

paced up and down the living room.

“I pray Paul tamper justice with mercy” he said

“So he was worried for her” I thought.

“When are you going home so I could drop you

off” he asked.

“I think I’ll wait till she calls you, I can only be

calm here.

“Relax, things might not look good tonight, that’s

a certainty, but I believe he will come around with


“Did you just say time, the wedding is just two

Saturdays away. Dee! you have to do something

about it”

“I’ll try my best”


Like two hours later, she called Daniel. He picked

he picked the call and put it on loud speaker.

“Daniel he threw me out of his house and said

he’s canceling the wedding” she said weeping


We looked at each other “Cancelling the wedding!”

We both chorused.

*Episode 4*

“Calm down Lizzy, everything is going to be fine, I

knew things will get ugly tonight.

Let’s give him time to process it, then I’ll talk to

him later, your friend is still here, talk to her”

Daniel handed over the phone to me.

“Lizzy, it is well, Daniel promised to talk to him, I

believe he’ll listen” I said

“I pray he’ll listen, you need to see him, he was

something else” Lizzy stated still crying loudly.

“You know what I’ll come over now. I’ll past the

night at your place”

“Thanks, I’ll be expecting you” I ended the call and

picked my bag.

“Where are you going?” Daniel asked

“I can’t leave her all alone, you know she stays


“I know, but at least hold on, let me get my car

keys and take you there” he offered

“Thanks” I said

We set out almost immediately. In the car, I put a

call through to my mum, I told her I will be

staying at Lizzy’s, I had to tell her the situation on

ground, because I don’t sleep out.

Daniel stopped in front of a boutique. I gave a why

did you stop the car look.

“Wait in the car, I’ll be back in a jiffy” he said and


I watched him walked into the boutique. Few

minutes later, he was out with a plastic bag.

He entered the car and handed the bag over to me.

“What’s this?” I asked before checking it out.

“You’ll need a change of clothes” he said with his

gaze fixed on the road.

I opened the bag, he bought a peach color knee

length gown and underwears. He knew my size

from clothes to shoes, even underwear.

I looked at the amazing man sitting next to me.

“Thank you” I smiled.

“You’re welcome”

This guy is good at thinking ahead. I myself did

not think of what to wear the next day, all I want is

just to be with Lizzy.

We were almost at Lizzy’s house when Daniel got

a call from Paul. Paul told him his coming over to

his side, but Daniel told him not to come, he

sensed he might not be in a right state of mind to

drive. He assured him he’ll come over to his


“I’ll have to pass the night at Paul’s place too”

Daniel said when he ended the call.

He dropped me off at Lizzy’s place, but he decided

to check on her before leaving. We went into her

apartment, she sat on the tiled floor sobbing. She

doesn’t look like the Lizzy I shopped with some

hours ago. I was moved to tears when I saw her.

Daniel gave her words of encouragement and

reassured her he’ll try his best to ensure things

get better.

I saw him off to his car, he told me not to leave

her side.

“And stop crying, you need to be strong for her”

he said


i nodded


“Sweetheart I’m not happy, why is all this

happening to our friends” I said.

He drew me closer to him and took me into his

arms for some seconds. “They will be fine”

He released me from his grip. “I have to go now I

Paul needs me too”

He left and drove down to Paul’s house.

I went back into the house, I told Lizzy Daniel is

passing the night at Paul’s house, so she could

know she’s not the only one in this difficult


I forced Lizzy to take a cold bath. She showered

and I prepared noodles for her which she barely


Daniel called and told me the situation of things at

his side.

“How is he?” I asked

“Paul is not in a good shape, the news really broke

him” he replied.

“Eh ya! I feel for him too”

“I can’t talk with him now, I’ll have to sit and

watch him till he sleep”

“Same here, I’m trying to get Lizzy to sleep too”

“Lets just hope for the best”

“Have you called Papilo?” I asked

“Yes, I told him not to wait up for me and instruct

him to lock up everywhere.

“OK, then”

“ Make sure you get some rest too once Lizzy is


“I will, thanks”

“Good night, I love you”

“I love you too, good night”

I ended the call and sighed.

I tried to make Lizzy sleep but she didn’t until like

2am. I took my bath and slept quietly beside her.

The next morning, I prepared a light breakfast, I

told her to take her bath and dress up for church.

“I’m not going to church” She said softly.

“Why? Are you mourning? You better dress up and

let’s go to church, it’s only God that can help us

in this situation”

“She carried herself reluctantly to the bathroom. I

took my bath too and wore my clothes, courtesy

Daniel. God bless him for me.


By the time we came back from church, her mood

was a bit lighter. Daniel called me and told me to

come over to Paul’s house with Lizzy.

I told Lizzy we have to go to Paul’s house, she

was scared to face Paul but I told her she can’t

run away from her challenges, she just have to

face it.

*Episode 5*

Two weeks later, we were all in front of the altar to

witnessed the couples exchanged their vows. They

finally said “I do”. I was the chief bride’s maid

while my Daniel was the best man.

“I think both of you should just tie the knot today

once and for all” Paul said and his wife supported

the motion. We all laughed it off.

“Don’t worry, just give us little time” Daniel replied


“Little time! Is he planning to propose” I thought

within myself.

After the reception, we saw them off to the airport

for their honey moon.

I really miss Lizzy, they traveled to Paris for their

honey moon. She called everyday despite the fact

that she’s on her honey moon.

My love for Daniel increased on a daily basis. The

same with him. I frequent his office more often,

I’ve dropped most of my extra lesson classes. I

and his secretary Lola are now friends although

she’s younger than me.

Daniel’s latest habit is gifts shower. He showered

me with all kinds of gift, some I even had to dash

out. I lacked nothing, I was just working for

working sake, not that I need the money. It got to

a stage I had to complain.

“You are spoiling me with too much gift” I said

“Let me spoil you, you are all that I have here, you

are my only family. My sister, my friend, my

companion and everything. If I don’t spoil you who

will I spoil” he said teasingly with a kiss.


Daniel proposed to me after we had a dinner date

in an exotic restaurant It was so romantic.

“Will you marry this man that is head over heels in

love with you?” he said kneeling on one knee with

a red velvet box in his hand.

“Yes, I will” I said with teary eyes. I was so happy.

“I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of

my life” he said and kissed me.

He took me home that night when we left the


He pulled over and held my hand before I alighted

I got home that very day and told my family about

my engagement. They were all happy to hear the


I went to my room. I looked at the expensive

diamond ring on my ring finger, I definitely know it

will cost a fortune. I remember where I was

coming from, I couldn’t help but cry, I tried to hold

back the tears but I couldn’t, I just let it flow. Here

I am with a man who loved and cherished me.

“Lord I owe it all to you” I said aloud.

I found peace and fulfillment within me. I’m

trusting God to give me all it takes to be a virtuous


An hour later he called me when he got home. He

thanked me for accepting his proposal and he

made so many promises. Please who will turned

down a marriage proposal from a man like Daniel.


The couples are back from their honey moon trip.

They came to my house to visit. It was so good to

see them again. Lizzy was sparkling in her yellow

gown. Her Brazilian hair, make up and all was on

point. She looks more beautiful and fresh.

“Lizzy look at you… Who says marriage is not a

beautiful thing”

She turned around and accessed herself. “Thank

you….she said smiling.

“You look stunning, Paul I can see your hand


“Yea! I tried right”

“This is more than try, job well done. Hi five my

guy” I said and gave him a high five.

They also congratulated me on my engagement.

“Girlfriend I think you’ll need a bodyguard to carry

that thing around” Lizzy said jokingly,

“You can say that again”

“It’s so beautiful” She said admiring my

engagement ring.

“Thank you…” I said blushing.

I asked Lizzy when she’ll resume work and he

said the next day.

“This is why I don’t like banking job, do you

people rest at all”

“Imagine the bank gave her just two weeks for

honey moon leave. I had to pull strings to get an

extra week” Paul explained.

“I’m not complaining, I love my Job” She said

giving us a funny attitude.

“You here that she’s not complaining “ I said and

we laughed it out.

They promise to check on Daniel the next day.

They left an hour later.

To be continued… 

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