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Xtgem; Hosting Not Working, Server Is Down/Off Right Now Or Has A New Server?


Yesterday which was the 31st of August, 2017, it came to my notice that one of the biggest free hosting server, XTGEM, was down due to some undisclosed issue.

With the server down, this has really affected so many bloggers and webmasters who hosted their site with the server or in one way or the other hosts their javascripts and some other codes on the server.

Nobody has really been able to contact the admin of the Host, but we really hope a solution will be found to this very soon.

We are really sorry for those who are affected.
Hope the server comes up back fast.

Updated: September 30, 2017 — 7:27 am


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  1. This bullshit.. All I want is my data and I will never blog again

  2. Worked so hard to generate enough traffic for my blog with a daily visit of about 745,896 and 25,789 unique visitors 20 site backlinks, a daily income of $11 , an Alexa rank of 84,021 and a site worth $13,789…

    Cos90 work done

    1. Sorry for that!!
      Just hope it comes back

  3. xtgem should not fuck-up ooo

    1. Its going to be bad if they do

  4. Its Been About 2 Days Now.Hope They Are Not Closing Down.

    1. Seems so
      Let’s check how it will go this weekend

  5. Please tell Xtgem to give me back my CSS files biko… I hosted my css there and am gradually loosing visitors on my site because my css isn’t working

  6. Please is their any other hosting company I can host a mobile website like xtgem, if you have any. Please drop it here

    1. Why don’t you try wapka

  7. Please come back Xtgem

  8. Mackie drop me your WhatsApp number here, I get a good biz to discuss with you please

    1. +2348131388658
      There you go

  9. I hope it’s just a minor issue and not a permanent shut down. I mean, they have millions of users right? You can’t jist shut down without notice.

    1. That’s it
      But at least there should be a reason for the current shut down
      I tried checking their Facebook page but no note!!!

  10. Teacher Jesse Paul MutumbaV

    I tried 2 send an email 2 the owner of xtgem but i failed. Somebody pliz contact the site administrator at and tell him about the problem.

    1. Any email with are no more working because the domain is off!

  11. what actually happened to xtgem? no notice, suddenly closed, unprofessional

  12. Whois record for now :
    Tech Email:
    DNSSEC: unsigned

    whois record before a problem occurs ;
    Registrant Name: Povilas Musteikis Registrant Organization:
    Name Server: NS1.XTGEM.COM
    Name Server: NS2.XTGEM.COM DNSSEC: unsigned

    1. So what do you think can be the problem with that
      Is it the change in name servers?

  13. Here’s the twitter profile of XtGem’s CEO.

    Let’s go spam his timeline with help requests! LOL

    1. Lol
      I think he should have received enough
      Tho, they are already working on it

  14. I just pray they come back. I nid to continue bloging. I’ve been so down since they left. But has it happened before?

    1. I haven’t experienced it with xtgem before
      And have been with them since 2012!!

  15. All my blog is just down

  16. XtGem is currently undergoing maintenance. We are working as hard as possible to restore the service.
    Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  17. Mackie. Drop your fb Username

  18. I’m also among affected ones. Worked so hard to build my website. But xtgem isn’t working. It’s a very big frustration for me.

    1. Really sorry for that bro

  19. F▪U▪C▪K you all.

  20. I’m a mother•fucker. Anyone wants to join with me fuck•ing my mom?

  21. This ur blog is hosted by?

  22. What kind of site builder? Wapka?

  23. Is it Free? Or u installed the wordpress to guarantor

  24. Why all this xtgem please be back, please who can help me and teach me how to build my wapka site, my or my Facebook page is Student Access NG.

  25. I think its down Permanantly..lucky i had all CSS and HTML files in my PC.

  26. Check out this movie being sold on this site! Problem is, the movie was never even produced. Wanna know how I know? Probably because I own ALL THE RIGHTS to this movie. I never gave this site permission to use my company’s name, or movie title that I have WGA and Copyrighted. Oh, someone’s getting sued BIGTIME!!!

  27. I also need help in wapka


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