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Xtgem; Hosting Server Still Under Maintenance, Hoping To Be Back Soon!!

Now going to three weeks since the hosting network has been off. Hoping to comeback soon but its now getting out of hand.

Three weeks back, we noticed three was a closing down with one the best mobile site builder server, XTGEM.

But not to a week the Admins of the network released a notice which you can see in the image above.

We really hope they could fix every issue with the server up before now but it seems they want us all to give up.

Am not so sure if anyone has been able to contact the Admins of the network really!! (Maybe they are hiding from us or something).
But if you have or knew someone who has contacted any of them, you can kindly direct him/her down here to share his experience with them and to let us know if we should still keep on hoping they get back as soon as possible.

Forgive me if my English is not so fluent!!


Updated: September 30, 2017 — 7:27 am


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  1. Am just tired. Its been 3 weeks now. Do they really care about us?

    1. That’s exactly what am saying
      Seems they just want us to give up on them

  2. When are they actually coming back

    1. Am not sure and have not been able to get to meet anyone who has contacted them

  3. As per my recent chat with graham, they are doing some server upgrades which would take some more weeks but they won’t shut down. They’ll be back soon.

    1. Oh
      Ok, but its becoming too much to be taken lightly

  4. I think they might have suffered some physical or internal data breach.

    1. Don’t really know their problem

  5. I done tire self

  6. I hope dey go come back lela

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  8. Guys you can use wapka as an alternative

  9. I don’t know how to design with wapka, is only xtgem I know very well

  10. Xtgem just updated that they are coming back in few days from now . I really just hope they come back now

  11. Yes I have seen the update. Currently I’m using wapka but due to many reason I will dump wapka for them, whenever they return. wapka is approching grave gradually.

    1. Lol
      Wapka is also good bro!!!

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