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Xtgem; Now 2 Months, Is Hosting Network Not Coming Back? Stay Updated!!!

Its now up to 2 months when the hosting server has been down, with so many people worried whether the server is still going to be up and running.
But instead, the Admins of the server updated as you can see in the image above that they will be back soon, they do so just to do what I will call deceive their users.

Now the question is, “Is Xtgem really coming back or not?”

Well, to me, I think the owner of the server has packed his load and tried to put people in suspense with the notice on the hosting site!
So I cant say whether the server will be up and running again or not!!!

If you have any contrary answer to this, you can kindly make a comment below with your prove!!


Updated: November 1, 2017 — 8:29 pm

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